Kill Your Bills With “Kill A Watt”


Oh what a fantastic play on words…

1st Source Servall has some great news to share for Colorado Springs!   If you live in the area, they are offering a great opportunity at the Pikes Peak Library for local homeowners to check out a “Kill A Watt” meter.  Sounds interesting? Well, it absolutely is, especially if you’re interested in saving money on your bills each month.

'Kill A Watt' Meter helps consumers save on their electric bill

These meters allow homeowners to measure how much energy certain appliances are using by plugging into them.  In order to use this tool, you must unplug the appliance you want to measure, and plug the meter into the same outlet.  Plug your appliance into the meter, and then watch the meter measure usage.

This is a really great tool to help homeowners shed some light on their appliance energy usage, and show them where they would be able to cut back.  Using this tool can help you save loads of money with your energy bills each month by showing which appliances are killing your bill more than others.

All local residents need is a library card, and some patience, as there are only two meters available at each Pikes Peak Library location.  Hopefully by using this tool you can save some money on your bills each month!

Let us know how it goes, or if you have a program in your area similar to this!

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