How to Replace a Garbage Disposal


The garbage disposal had this horrible crash and clap grind. The noise was caused by a loose impeller blade, which is a difficult repair. It turned out to be much more cost effective to replace the garbage disposal unit entirely.

Removing the Old Garbage Disposal

  1. Safety First: Unplug the unit from the wall or from its power source-you should also flip the breaker for the area
  2. Loosen the hose clamp to the dishwasher discharge hose then release the hose from the disposal unit
  3. Luckily our unit utilized a mounting ring rather than plastic threaded bolts or hose clamps. So all we had to do was support the unit from underneath and turn it until it came away
  4. Remove the flange and scrape off the old gasket and/or putty ring. Be careful to not gouge or scratch the metal of sink

Installing the New Garbage Disposal

  1. Drain Assembly: Replace or install the sink flange by applying plumbers putty and screwing in the base and the top around the sink hole. Here is a link for a drain adapter
  2. Snap into place the top aspect of the mounting ring
  3. Tighten the bolts of the bottom of the disposal mounting ring until the bond is secure
  4. Wiring: Typically easier to wire the disposal unit before mounting it to the drain assembly. **This would be the time to upgrade to a flexible conduit**
  5. Thread the power cord through the base of the disposal unit
  6. Join the black and white wires by using wire connector caps
  7. Secure the green grounding wire with to the base with the green bolt
  8. Optional: If you have a dishwasher attach the dishwasher hose. But first remove the plug from the unit by poking it out with a stick or screwdriver then clear the plug from the disposer well
  9. Raise the disposal unit into the mounting ring, then rotate with the help of a screwdriver until the unit is secure
  10. Drain Pipe: Fit the rubber washer over the flange end of the pipe to create a water tight seal
  11. Trim the pipe to the necessary size then secure it to the main drain hose and to double check the seal on the disposal end

Here is a great little tip to help keep the Garbage Disposal running well and smelling great. Also, the lemon isn’t necessary, vinegar alone works great.

Lemon Vinegar Cleaning Cubes

Ingredients: Lemon, Vinegar, Ice Cube Tray

  1. Cut lemon to sizes which will fit your ice cube tray (Yes, you can leave the pits in – they scour the disposal walls and clean them)

2. Pour vinegar into the wells of the ice cube tray (Yes, vinegar freezes believe it or not)

3. Add pieces of lemon

4. Let freeze overnight

5. Place cube into garbage disposal and run with cold water. Let run until grinding stops

The beauty of this nifty little cleaning pill is that it also sharpens the blades of the disposal. Do this once a month to preserve the life of the garbage disposal.

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