Why does my ice taste bad?| 4 Reasons Your Ice Might Taste or Smell Bad


You go to the refrigerator, grab yourself a drink and a glass of ice from the ice maker, only to find that it doesn’t taste the way you expected it would.  Yuck.  Every now and then, the ice from your refrigerator’s ice dispenser may start to taste or smell a bit…funny.  Today we’re going to share with you the 4 Most Common Causes of Bad Tasting Ice.

1. Your Water Filtration System

 If your refrigerator has a Water Filtration System, the filter needs to be changed at least every 6 months.  This will help to remove unwanted tastes and odors from the water your fridge is using to make ice.  If your fridge doesn’t have a water filtration system, you can install one like the GE Refrigerator In-Line Ice maker Filter.  You can find the water filter for you refrigerator model on our website, 1stsourceservall.com.

2.   Old or Stale Ice

If you aren’t using your ice all that frequently, it will get “stale” and start absorbing the odors from the food in your fridge or freezer.  Try to use your ice more frequently or  if possible empty your Ice Bucket into the sink and wash it with soapy water every so often to keep your ice fresh.  You should do this at least every 6 to 12 months.

3. Open, Spilled, or Spoiled Food

As we mentioned before, the ice in your refrigerator will absorb food odors/gases very easily.  If you have open containers or spoiled food somewhere in your refrigerator, the ice will start to taste like it.  Try to double wrap foods with thin packaging, throw away old food, and clean out your refrigerator and ice maker regularly with warm soapy water.  Leaving a box of baking soda or a refrigerator deodorizer in the fridge may also help.

4. Bad Water Supply

This isn’t really something you have much control over.  If the water supply in your area has a funny taste from algae, mineral deposits, sulfur, or other impurities you’re going to taste it in your ice.  Make sure to change your Water Filter regularly to help combat this and flush out your Water Line to clear out any deposits or buildups.


Have another possible source of bad tasting ice? Leave it in a comment below!  Like and share this post and don’t forget to check out our website at 1stsourceservall.com!

Written by: Sarah Walker



2 thoughts on “Why does my ice taste bad?| 4 Reasons Your Ice Might Taste or Smell Bad

  1. Mindy Maglione

    The problem is the new water lines being used in place of copper. The flexible (usually woven stainless) lines are lined with rubber. The odor and bad “musty” taste comes from the rubber. Go to the back of the fridge, turn the water supply off, change the woven stainless pipe to flexible PVC. Problem solved! I tried ALL the other suggestions, but this is what works! Trust me…it drove me crazy!! Delicious ice and water again.

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