My Washer Won’t Drain Properly


“The laundry never ends”. A common thought when someone is doing their laundry. Then you go to change the clothes over from the washer to the dryer and see the washer is still completely filled with water. Awesome, now the laundry’s never going to get done. But before getting super discouraged, here are a few reasons why this could be.

*WARNING: before looking at any appliance part, make sure the appliance is completely disconnected from its power source*

If the pump is running:

  1. Check the spigot (a faucet) under the sink. There may be a blockage which is causing the washer not to drain, perhaps a small button or strings from clothing. All you have to do is unscrew the spigot and inspect.
  2. Siphon the water from the drum using a tube. In doing so, it would make the washing machine lighter and may make you able to drain it with the main drain hose.

If the pump isn’t running:

Make sure to check all connections for open circuit resistance with a continuity test meter. If it is not working, you may need a new pump. Pumps are available at our website, here.

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