How to Clean your Glass Stove Top


A Glass Top Electric or Induction Stove is often viewed as the epitome of smooth, sleek, and modern looking appliances. With the heating elements below the glass surface, cleaning out drip pans, scrubbing coils, and balancing wobbly pots are all troubles of the past.  And with that flat surface, clean up is a breeze…or is it?

Truth is, glass cook-tops are notorious for scorch marks and burnt on stains.  If you don’t know how to care for them, they can seem like a cleaning nightmare.  But, with the right tools and cleaners you can skip the elbow grease and keep your Glass Cook-top shining like new.

With stains and spills, time is not your friend.  The longer the splatter sits, the harder it will be to remove.  Always try to clean up spills and splatters as soon as the cook-top cools.  If a stain is reheated it can burn on, or worse leave permanent scorch marks.

When it comes to cleaners, always look for the words “non-abrasive.”  We know you’ll want to reach for the Ajax to scrub off those stuck on pasta sauce and grease stains but be warned.  Glass cook-tops scratch easily and if you don’t choose the right cleaner, you’ll end up with a clouded and scratchy finish.

PM10X310DS- Cerma Bryte Cooktop Cleaner

PM10X310DS- CeramaBryte Cooktop Cleaner

We recommend CeramaBryte Cooktop Cleaner.  It’s a cream-like cleaner that is gentle enough to protect the shine of the glass and tough enough to get rid of those stuck or burnt on stains.  Be sure to let your cook-top cool completely, then scrub the stain with CeramaBryte.  Wipe it away with a microfiber or cotton cloth, then dry with a clean cloth.  If some of the stain remains, repeat until the glass is completely clean.


To save money, you can alternate between using specialty cleaners like CeramaBryte and plain old Baking Soda for clean ups.  Once the cook-top has cooled, sprinkle a good amount of baking soda onto the stains and cover with a warm, wet towel or cloth for 15-30 minutes.  Once it’s had some time to sit, wipe it away with the wet cloth and dry to avoid streaking/water spots.

Use a cook-top cleaner for you next clean up after doing this.  Specialty cleaners are formulated to protect and preserve the glass surface to make it last.

If you find yourself battling with a particularly stuck on stain, you may need to use a razor scraper.  Be careful not to scratch the glass, and scrape at the stains at a 45° angle with a little bit of cleaner once the cook-top has completely cooled.

Looking to replace the glass cook-top on your stove?  You can find cooktop glass, cleanersother range parts and more on our website.

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