My Refrigerator is Leaking at the Bottom | Ways to Fix This Issue


You’re walking to the kitchen sink when suddenly your sock is completely soaked. You look down to see a nice puddle of water right near your refrigerator/freezer.

Buying a new refrigerator was not on your list of things to do today, so here are some reasons why your refrigerator could be leaking.

WARNING: before working on any appliance, make sure the appliance is TURNED OFF and UNPLUGGED to avoid injury. In this case, make sure to clean excess water up from the floor, to avoid injury and damage to the floor.

Defrost Drain: this is the most common cause of your refrigerator leaking. When something is blocking the defrost drain, it prevents it from draining the water to drain to the pan properly and ultimately causes the water to start leaking out of the refrigerator.

Drain Pan: Occasionally the leaking from your refrigerator can be due to a cracked drain pan. If your drain pan is cracked, you need to replace it. Our website has many drain pans for different brands, check them out!

Water Filter: Leaking can be due to poor installation of the water filter, it could be the wrong model, or it could be cracked. You can find water filters for your appliance at our website, here.

These are the most common issues that have been found with a leaking refrigerator. More refrigerator parts can be found on our website.

As always, don’t be afraid to post any questions or concerns you may have below!

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