Why Does My Stove Keep Clicking? | Troubleshooting a Gas Stove Ignitor


If you own a Gas Stove or Range, you’re probably all too familiar with the clicking noise they make when you turn the Surface Burner Knob.  Click, click, click, and the burner lights.  This noise is the Electric Ignitor working to spark the Burner and should stop once it’s lit.

A normally functioning igniter will typically click up to three times before it sparks.  But, every now and then you may run into instances where the ignitor continues to click or tick even after the burner is lit, or the burner never lights at all.  So what do you do?  Before you buy a new ignitor for your stove, we have a few troubleshooting tips you can try that may solve the problem.

WARNING: A clicking ignitor typically is not dangerous and may continue to click if the gas is shut off.  If you smell gas or suspect a gas leak, shut of the gas supply, exit the area, and contact a technician or your gas supplier.  

Whirlpool Burner Grate- 305810B

Whirlpool Burner Grate- Part #305810B

Whirlpool Burner Cap- 98017465

Whirlpool Burner Cap- 98017465

Out of Alignment

So what might have caused the problem?  One of the most common sources of this issue is that the Burner Cap is out of place.  Make sure the cooktop is completely cooled and remove the Burner Grate to access the cap.  Try removing the cap and center it on the base.  If the burner cap is askew, it can prevent the burner from lighting.

Excess Moisture

If that doesn’t work, check for moisture.  If you recently had a pot boil over on burner, a food or grease spill, or cleaned the cooktop, there may still be moisture present even if it looks dry.  Remove the burner cap, and give the burner time to air dry.  To speed up the process, make sure all the burners are off and towel off the top of the range.  You can then either use a fan aimed at the range top, or set your oven to 350° and leave it on for around 30 minutes to speed up dry time.


Food or Debris

If you see that there is debris stuck in the holes in the burner, that could also potentially be the culprit.


You can use a metal pin or paper clip to clear the debris out of the the grooves.  Never use items such as toothpicks to do this, they may break off and get lodged inside.

If you get through all of these tips and still have the clicking problem, it may be the Spark Module, Spark Ignition Switch (check out our Spark Ignition Switch repair guide here), or the Ignitor itself.  You can find replacements for your model stove for purchase on our website.  If you feel comfortable, this is a repair you can do yourself.  But, if you’re ever unsure don’t hesitate to contact a technician and consult your owner’s manual.

Have a question or another tip for us?  Leave it in the comments below!  Be sure to like and share this post and to check out our other range blogs here.

34 thoughts on “Why Does My Stove Keep Clicking? | Troubleshooting a Gas Stove Ignitor

    • Thank you for your question, we apologize for the delayed response! When it comes down to it, the level of maintenance and difficulty of repair for different range types are fairly comparable. Gas ranges can a bit touchier when it comes to moisture levels and slightly more difficult to clean since you have to remove the grates and work around the burners. However, electric ranges (especially glass cook tops) often stain easily and have to be cleaned more frequently. There are pros and cons for each type, but the major difference is going to be in the installation process. If you don’t already have a gas line in place, you’ll have to have one installed and in some homes this isn’t possible. Ultimately, your decision should be based on your own cooking preferences and the features you’re looking for in a stove!

  1. Kath muir

    I have the same clicking problem but with my gas oven a cake mix spiled over the gas burner at the back of the oven I have cleaned it but now it won’t light

  2. Maria Lopez

    My issue with my gas stove is that when I turn the knob for either of the 2 left side burners the burner the sparks is the right back burner. Can you tell me what may be causing this and what I can do to fix it?

    • Maria, unfortunately as we are not service technicians, I can’t give you a sure answer. On some range models, when you turn the burner knob, all four burners actually spark while gas is only supplied to the one the knob is controlling. If gas is being supplied to the correct burner, it could be a problem with the spark module or spark ignition switch as mentioned above, but could also be caused by something else. If you’ve gone through the tips listed in this post and are still having issues, I recommend having a technician diagnose your appliance.

  3. Jen Antinozzi

    Our gas stove only clicks once, in a regular interval, about every minute or so. Is that a problem? What does it sound like? Any ideas? Thanks!

    • Thanks for your question Jen! It’s a bit hard to describe, but typically it will be a fairly distinct click or clicking. Although I can’t say for sure as we are not trained technicians, usually if your range is clicking once every few minutes it’s due to excess moisture on the switches. If you’ve tried our tip above and are still experiencing this problem, try shutting off the power to the range and removing the knobs. Use a fan or hair dryer for a few minutes to try and dry the switches. Replace the knobs and reconnect the power. If that doesn’t work, you may need to replace the switch(es). Hope this helps!

  4. Tonya Barlow

    I turned all my burners off but my stove keeps clicking I did just clean it could that be the problem its still unplugged when is a good time to plug it back up

    • Hello Tonya, thanks for your question!

      If you just cleaned your stove, there may still be moisture present which could be causing the issue, although it shouldn’t be happening if the range is unplugged and the burners are off. Before plugging it back in remove the cooled burner caps and give the stove time to dry completely, or as recommended in the article try using a fan to speed up the process. Once dry, plug it back in and try it out. The time for this will depend on when you cleaned it and how much moisture is present. If the stove continues to click, you may have a different issue.

  5. Helen Stradling

    If the persistent clicking only happens on one burner, and the tips above don’t remedy it, could the problem still be the ignition switch, or would such a fault affect all the burners?
    Thank you,

    • Thanks for your question Helen. Without actually seeing your range in person, it’s a bit tricky to say for sure. The ignition switches on your range are usually wired together, so if there is an issue with one all the burners will be affected. However, it does vary from model to model. If you’re unsure which part may be the source of the problem, I’d recommend contacting a service technician and having them take a look at your range. That way you can find out for sure which part needs to be repaired or replaced.

  6. Beverly

    Thanks for all your comments they were very helpful. My Chester cannon gas cooker has been clicking for months. I was fed up with it so I was just about to replace it however I will see if I can get a spark ignition before getting anew one. Can I also get va grill door would you know the serial no please most greatful.

  7. Meme

    Thank you for posting these steps, I didn’t know that a stove won’t ignite if the burner cap is off. I was without use of my stove for a few days because I forgot to replace the caps after cleaning my stove.

  8. Jim P.

    My new gas range continued to spark and click after lighting. After trying everything. It’s brand new. I changed the outlet it was plugged into. That was it. That outlet was wired incorrectly. Stove works fine now. Hope this helps.

  9. Why does my gas oven comes on and goes off and the oven igniter keeps ticking also the front burner igniter ticks but don’t come on also when i turn on the oven the front right igniter ticks …HELP!

  10. Phil

    My spark will work for a couple of days and then stop for a week or so. Could there be a lose connection? I noticed that after using the oven, the igniter began working again. Very annoying.

  11. Monica

    The only time my gas stove clicks is when I ignite flame, then put my pan on top of it, it starts clicking. I remove the pan it stops. Any suggestions?

  12. Annie

    Please advise why my gas range’s electric ignitor or spark makes noise. It sounds like an alarm clock non-stop. When the gas is turned on, spark module, electrodes work and the burners are able to start fire as it should be.

  13. George Enriquez

    hello, I replaced the spark module and all the burners turn on. The problem is all five WON’T stop clicking on the HIGH setting. I have to turn it just a hair towards medium for it to stop. I have a home inspection coming up and need to resolve. Thank you in advance…

    • Scott A. Rosenberg

      I have a GE Monogram stove top and when I light it and keep it on low it is fine, but when I raise the gas it starts clicking. All the burners react the same way. First they said it was the spark module. But that was not it and now they say it maybe the maser switch. How did you make ou.

  14. M McCabe

    One of the burners on My rangemaster stove top will only stay alight when i keep the knob depressed. As soon as i release the button, it goes off. I’ve held it for 10, 20 and 30 seconds with no joy.

  15. Susan Ross

    Thanks so much for the information. The clicking was happening at 6:00 am and was making me very nervous. One tiny adjustment to the cap and it stopped!

  16. Winston Robinson (Mansfield, TX)

    What causes my GE Profile 5-burner sealed gas cook top (model JGP328) igniters (ALL) are clicking when the knobs are turned off? And, is there a simple remedy? .

  17. Ana

    This article was very helpful. The clicking was very annoying and took me by surprise since both burners started doing it out of nowhere. But I just had a pot boil over. Followed your instructions and clicking stopped. Thanks!

  18. Lee

    Our recently purchased, second hand gas,twin oven has this problem:
    Main oven only: after the initial spark has lit the gas and it’s been burning for 3 to 10 minutes, the gas re-igniter will then fire continously and not stop. A new spark generator has been fitted but with the same problem stilloccuring. Only twice has iit run without the re ignition taking place.

    We were told that the fault might be the igniter itself ( I can’t quite see how) or the lead from the spark generator to igniter is faulty. The spark is discharging to the plate as it should. That doesn’t leave many, if any, other component parts to replace. Both the current igniter and burner array is in a clean (no carbon build up) and good condition. Any idea’s because I’ve run out of them? The top oven is not affected.

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