New Products Available | Universal TV Stands


For today’s blog, we have something a bit different for you.  We are excited to share with you that we now carry Universal Television Stands (part numbers 1479014795, and 14797) in stores and on our website!

Why are we so excited you ask?  We are constantly seeking out the parts you’re looking for.  So, each time we add something new to our inventory, that means there is a chance we are helping someone that we couldn’t help before.

These Universal TV Stands help to eliminate some of the hassle and confusion of trying to find a TV stand for your specific model.  They are compatible with most flat panel TVs whether they be LED, LCD, or Plasma.  Not only are they adjustable, they are also available in three sizes: 17″- 37″  and 32″ – 60″ for televisions under 60 pounds, and 40″ – 70″ for extra large televisions up to 80 pounds.

To find out what size stand you need, simply find the diagonal measure of your TV screen.  For example measure from the bottom left corner, to the top right corner.  Then, choose the stand size that includes your measurement.

How to Measure Your TV

All three sizes feature black, all metal and glass construction and are ideal if you want to move your previously wall mounted television to a tabletop.

You can find these Universal TV Stands and over 5,000,000 other appliance parts and accessories on our website.

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