Why isn’t my ice dispenser working? | How to Replace an Ice Dispenser Motor


We’ve noticed that quite a few of you seem to be having trouble with your Ice Dispensers based on some of our previous posts.  So, today we have a step-by-step repair guide for you on how to Replace an In-door Ice Dispenser Motor.


If the Dispenser Motor (also called the auger motor) is damaged or broken, the door won’t dispense ice.  There usually isn’t much you can do to repair the motor, so most of time you will simply have to replace it.

We’d like to note that this is meant to be a guide and should not replace the manufacturer installation instructions for your model and part.  This guide references refrigerator model number MFT2673BEW11.  There may be some variation in procedure, but in general this guide should be applicable to most  refrigerators with an in-door dispenser.

If you don’t already have a new dispenser motor for your refrigerator, you can find them for purchase here.

*WARNING: Before starting any repair, always make sure that the appliance is completely disconnected from the power source by unplugging it.

Tools needed:
-1/4″ nut driver
-Phillips head screwdriver

Removing the Old Ice Dispenser Motor:

  1. Unplug the appliance and open the refrigerator doors

2. Locate the store-n-door door (ice door), this should be in the left door of the refrigerator

3. Locate the lever on the ice bin assembly, squeeze to release and remove the bin

Release Lever

Squeeze the lever to release the ice bin

4. Remove the Philips head screws on the motor compartment cover or motor plate and set aside

5. Lift up on the motor compartment cover to remove

6. Pick up the motor shaft and set aside

Dispenser Motor & Motor Shaft

The Motor Shaft is the metal piece on the top of the motor

7. Remove the quarter inch nuts securing the dispenser motor

8. Carefully lift up the motor to access the wire harness on the bottom

9. Lift up the two tabs to release the wire harness

Motor Release Tabs

Use tabs to release Wire Harness

10. Remove the damaged motor

Installing the New Ice Dispenser Motor: 

  1. Connect the wire harness to the new motor, it should click into place

2. Carefully set motor into place and replace quarter inch nuts

3. Replace motor shaft and compartment cover (motor plate), cover should be flush when in place

4. Replace screws to secure cover

5. Replace the ice bin

6. Shut ice door (store-n-door compartment) and close fridge

7. Plug in the refrigerator and test it out!

From start to finish, this repair should only take between 15-20 minutes to complete.  If at any point during the repair you are unsure or do not feel comfortable, do not hesitate to contact a service technician.  You can find Ice Dispenser Motors and many other Ice Dispenser Parts on our website.

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