Make Sure You’re Not At Risk Of An Overheating Dehumidifier


There has been a multitude of dehumidifier recalls mainly due to overheating which can potentially lead to a fire. There are a few things that you can do to prevent your dehumidifier from overheating.


  1. If you turn your dehumidifier off wait at minimum 10 minutes before turning it back on
    • Powering off and then on right away can disturb the circuit-breaker and then cause the dehumidifier compressor to overheat
  2. Replace filter at least once a year
  3. Check condenser coils
    • When using the dehumidifier, the temperature in the air needs to be above 65 degrees Fahrenheit.  If its below this temperature it can cause the coils to freeze which causes the inside of the dehumidifier to heat up and potentially catch fire
    • If the coils are frozen and show breakage replace them

4. Oil the motor fan of the dehumidifier regularly to keep the fan running smoothly. If the fan is not maintained and needs to be replaced check this link to purchase a replacement fan:

5. Place the dehumidifier at least 6 inches from the wall

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