Your vacuum cleaner gets rid of your dirt, lets get rid of its



Whenever the floor gets dirty we grab our vacuum cleaner and clean up the mess, but we don’t usually think about cleaning the vacuum cleaner that gets rid of all our messes. If you don’t clean your vacuum cleaner overtime it will not work as well as it should. Good news for you, you can clean your vacuum cleaner in 7 easy steps!


  1. Unplug your vacuum cleaner
  2. Check your vacuum cleaner bag, if it’s full replace it. Even a bag that is only 1/3 full can potentially need changing. One sign that your vacuum cleaner bag needs replacing is if it leaves behind dirt when you are vacuuming. On a bag-less model empty the tray or bin frequently
  3. Clean the brush hold, this is usually located along the front of the bottom of the cleaner. You can just use your hands or scissors to clean the brush
  4. Clean and lubricate the bearings on the brush roll
  5. Remove any large amounts of dirt or debris from the air passage on the brush roll housing
  6. Replace or clean any filters on the vacuum
  7. Check vacuum hose for clogs and clean them

2 thoughts on “Your vacuum cleaner gets rid of your dirt, lets get rid of its

  1. Thanks for the cleaning instructions! My vacuum cleaner is still new, but I want to know how to clean it and maintain it so it won’t break down. My previous one broke down after one year of using and I think that the reason of that was because I didn’t clean it enough often. This time I will be more careful!

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