Why is my dryer so noisy and how do I fix it?


There are a few common reasons why your dryer may be making loud noises such as:

-The drive belt may have become frayed or run down
-The drum roller may be worn out
-Clusters of lint, socks, or small clothing articles can escape from the lint filter and get caught up in the blower wheel

All of these common causes of a noisy dryer can ultimately lead up to the dryer motor needing to be replaced. This can be done in an easy DIY way with just four simple steps.

dryer diaram

What you will need:

Flat blade screwdriver

Slip-joint pliers

New dryer motor: http://www.1stsourceservall.com/Appliance-Parts/279827

1.) Unplug the dryer
2.) Remove the drum  

-Take a putty knife and slide it between the front and top panels of the dryer to depress the latches, which are located near the corners. Next lift the top panel and support it in an open position. Then you will want to disconnect the electrical connector to the door switch. Remove the screws that hold the front panel and pop it off.Disconnect the drive belt from the motor and lift out the drum.

3.) Remove the blower wheel and then put in the new motor

– The blower wheel will be screwed into the motor shaft with left-hand threads. Hold the wheel and turn the motor clockwise to remove it. Hold the blower wheel by sliding an adjustable wrench over the flats on the neck where it meets the motor shaft. Tighten the jaws of the wrench and then grab the other end of the shaft with a pliers and turn it to break it loose. Once you have broken the shaft loose spin the motor shaft clockwise with one of your hands until the blower wheel is loose. Then take a slip-joint pliers and remove the motor clamps. Disconnect the electrical connector and lift the old motor out. Slide the new motor into place and screw on the blower wheel.

4.) Set the motor into the motor mount and install the clamps.

– Hook one of the ends of the clamp to the base and force the other end over the catch using a flat-blade screwdriver.

WARNING: Make sure that the appliance is completely disconnected from its power source before attempting any repairs.  If you are unsure, do not hesitate to consult your owner’s manual or contact a service technician.

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