GE Air Conditioner and Heating Unit Recall Information


At 1st Source Servall, we want to ensure that our customers and readers are safe and aware of important appliance recalls.   As of November 3rd, GE has issued a recall on approximately 33,500 GE Zoneline® Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners and Heating Units (PTACs) due to Fire Hazard Risk. 

The affected models were sold through authorized GE representatives and HVAC distributors nationwide between January 2010 and December 2013.

When the unit is operated with the vent door continuously open, moisture from the outdoor air has been found to potentially accumulate near the unit’s heater.  This moisture, combined with two shorted electrical components, can create an electrical ground path and arcing, leading to risk of fire.

These units are typically found in commercial spaces and hotels, but can also be found in apartment buildings.   The affected models are listed below:

GE AC Heater Recall

(Click to View Full Sized Image)

Once the front panel has been removed, the model and serial numbers should be located on the rating plate.

GE Zoneline front panel removed

GE Zoneline Unit with Front Panel Removed. Image Source:

As mentioned previously, the reason for the recall is risk of potential fire hazard.  So far, GE has received three reports of property damage resulting from smoke and/or fire caused by the units.  Thankfully no injuries have been reported at this time.

To find out if your model has been recalled you can contact the manufacturer directly or check your model and serial number at this link:

If you do have an affected unit, GE is offering free repair service.  Simply contact them with your model and serial number ready and they will help you schedule an appointment.

We strongly recommend that you refrain from using the unit until it has been serviced to prevent future hazard.  GE also recommends having property personnel remove the front panel and switching the vent door control lever to the closed position.

For full details on the recall as well as contact information visit:

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