Strange smell coming from your garbage disposal? Clean it with these easy steps!


A garbage disposal can be super helpful in the kitchen for clean up, but every now and then the disposal itself needs to be cleaned up as well.  We have a quick way to absorb the smell from your garbage disposal and clean the unit as well.

What you’ll need:


-Lemon Zest

-Baking soda

-Disposable Toothbrush

Setting the disposable toothbrush aside, create a solution using the ingredients listed above.  This solution will be used to clean under the rubber splash guard of your garbage disposal.

Now that the solution has been created, dip the disposable toothbrush into it and lift up a piece of the rubber splash guard to scrub the underside of it.  You’ll want to do this with each piece of the splash guard until it is clean of food and grime.

splash guard

If you find that this has not cured the smell coming from your garbage disposal, it may be time to replace it.  A splash guard should also be replaced if you find that it is ripped or you are simply unable to clean it.

You can find garbage disposal parts and many other replacement parts on our website or at a store near you.  Have a question, tip, or comment?  Leave it for us below!  Be sure to like and share this post and subscribe to the 1st Source Servall Blog to receive regular updates.

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