Whirlpool Electric Dryer not heating up? Your thermal fuse could be the problem.


Have you noticed that your dryer isn’t heating up as much as it used to?  Maybe it’s not even heating up at all anymore? This may be due to a faulty thermal fuse in the back of your dryer, but don’t worry.  We will guide you through easy steps in testing and replacing a faulty thermal fuse if needed.

A thermal fuse is a safety part that is designed to shut off the electrical flow that powers the heating mechanism when the exhaust becomes overheated.

To get to your thermal fuse to test or replace it, you will need three tools:

  1. Quarter inch nut driver
  2. Pliers
  3. Multimeter

Reminder:  Before beginning any appliance repair, make sure the appliance is completely disconnected from its power source.

First, remove the small access panel, which is the smaller separate piece of metal located on the back of your dryer.  You will need the quarter in nut driver to do this.  You will then be able to remove the remaining nuts from around the larger back panel, and set it to the side.

whirlpool dryer small access panel

Small Access Panel

From here you will be able to have access to the electrical work of the back of your dryer.  You will want to locate the thermal fuse which is located towards the bottom left of the machine.

whirlpool dryer thermal fuse

Thermal Fuse

To remove the thermal fuse, you will first need to disconnect the two terminal wires attached to it. Using a pair of pliers here is optional but not necessary.  Remove the last mounting screw with the nut driver so you can remove the thermal fuse.

whirlpool dryer terminals

Disconnected Terminal Wires

You will want to test your thermal fuse now that you have successfully removed it.  Here is where you will need your Multimeter tool to test the thermal fuse for an electrical current or continuity. You will not need to test the thermal fuse using more than the lowest setting on your multimeter as you will just be looking for any small change in current.

multimeter (whirlpool dryer)


Touch both leads to each end of the thermal fuse to see if there is a change of numbers on the Multimeter screen.  If there is no change, there is no continuity and the fuse is dead.

multimeter testing (whirlpool dryer)

To replace your new thermal fuse, look for the slit in the top of the fuse that will slide into the machine first, locking the piece into place.

Reconnect the terminals to the fuse.

whirlpool dryer reconnected terminals

You can now screw the back large panel onto the dryer and finally re-attach the small access panel with the last nut.

After everything has been properly replaced, you may reconnect your dryer to its original power source.

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