Shaky Washing Machine Or Dryer? Try this quick fix!


Do you feel like your washing machine or dryer has been extra noisy lately? It may be due to an unleveled surface or a possible unleveled machine itself.  We have a simple and quick fix that will get your washer or dryer back to running more quietly.

First, you’ll want to check to see if the load of clothing is even balanced throughout the washing machine.  If you find that most of the clothes seem to be on one side of the agitator, try to even out the distribution of clothing.  You should then test to see if this was the cause of your noisy washing machine.

If you find that the cause of your noisy washing machine was not due an uneven distribution of clothing, it could be that the adjustment screws on the base of the machine are the problem.  You will find four of these screws located on each corner of the bottom of the machine.  These screws will need to be tightened back into place to prevent the machine from shaking.  You may want to use a pair of pliers to tighten these screws if you find that you cannot get a good grip on them by hand.  From here, test the machine again to see if this solved the shaking problem.

If the problem still exists and your washing machine or dryer is still shaking and making loud noises, try using Anti-Vibration Pads.  These are made by Electrolux and come in a pack of four.  These pads each have 5-layers of padding that are used to prevent these machines from shaking and creating those loud distracting noises.

Any of these quick fixes should be able to do the trick when it comes to eliminating the loud vibration noises coming from your washing machine or dryer.  Of course, if for some reason these fixes have not solved your problem, feel free to call your local service technician to further diagnose the problem.

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