Time to buy a new washing machine? 3 decisions that will make your purchase process easier.


So the time has come to buy a new washer, but there are so many out there, how are you supposed know which one to purchase? The first thing you’re going to want to do is make some decisions on what your needs are in your washing machine.

Decision #1: Do you want a front loading washing machine or a top loading washing machine?

There are two types of top loading washing machines; agitator/high efficiency and non-agitator/non-high efficiency washing machines. Both tend to be less expensive than front loading washing machines although the agitator/high efficiency models tend to be more gentle on clothes, use less water and spin faster than non-agitator models.

Front-loading washing machines are usually more expensive than top loading washing machines. That said, they are known to clean more gently, use less water, and spin faster than top loading high efficiency washers. They do tend to have longer wash cycles than high efficiency top loading washing machines but because they spin faster they usually cut down drying time.


Now that you have decided what type of loader you want it’s time to make your second decision on buying your new washing machine.

Decision #2: How big of a capacity does your washer need to be able to hold?

Washers have a wide range of capacity usually from around 2 cubic feet all the way to around 6 cubic feet. The easiest way for you to figure out what capacity you require is to take a normal load of laundry and weigh it, then add one or two pounds for the times you wash bulky items. Once you have figured out the weight of your normal load of laundry, only look at washing machines that are going to be able to accommodate your capacity needs.

Now that we know what kind loader you want on your washing machine and the capacity your washing machine needs to be able accommodate, we only have one more major decision to make!

Decision #3: What kind of cycles do you need or want in your washing machine?

Most washing machines have the following basic cycles: regular/normal, heavy duty/bulky, light load, rinse and spin, but there are other cycles that certain washing machines offer that you may want to consider looking for so that your washing machine meets all your needs.
Perm Press Cycle:
This cycle is designed for clothes that have a high percentage of synthetic fibers in them such as knits or polyester. These types of clothing need the turbulence of a normal cycle but a slower spin speed and that is what this cycle provides.
Sanitary Cycle:
This cycle cleans clothes at around 150 degrees which is usually not necessary but it is very useful for cloth diapers and heavy duty work clothing.
Delicate or Gentle Cycle:
This cycle can be used or any clothing you would consider to be delicate. It uses a slower turbulence and a slower spin speed. The combination of these two things help to better protect your more delicate clothing.

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