Do You Really Need to Register Your Appliances?


If you’ve ever purchased a major appliance, parts, toys, electronics, or even a toaster you’ve probably found yourself with that little white registration card and wondered “Do I really need to fill this out?”

Manufacturers seem to be pushing product registration more and more each year, claiming that failure to register your purchase will void the warranty and make it next to impossible to keep track of your purchase information.  So you may be thinking if that’s the case that’s all fine and good, but why are they asking me about what I like to do in my free time and my estimated income?

The truth is, in most cases not registering your purchase won’t actually void the manufacturer warranty.  In fact, in some states that would be illegal.  Most products today are now sold with a limited warranty and if they require registration it must be clearly stated.

That being said, we’re still recommending that you register your appliances.  Here’s why:

Safety Recall and/or Warranty Service Updates


Most of the time when you purchase an appliance, very little contact info is collected.  By registering your appliance, you are providing the manufacturer with a better way to contact you in the case that there is a Safety Recall or if Warranty Service is required for your appliance.  This isn’t always perfect and some people still get missed, but it at least increases the likelihood of you finding out if there is something wrong with your appliance sooner rather than later.

Proof of Ownership

Although unlikely, in the event of an insurance loss (if your appliance is destroyed in a fire, flood, etc.) or theft, registering your appliance can better verify proof of ownership.

More Accurate Warranty Coverage

By default, if your appliance is not registered most manufacturers will use the original ship date rather than your purchase date to mark the start of warranty coverage.  This could have been months before your actual purchase and cut your coverage short.

Better Customer Service Experience

If you ever do have an issue with your appliance, having it registered can make the process a little easier.  Instead of having to hunt down your original receipt or invoice from 5 years ago to find out if it’s still covered under the warranty, they can bring up your purchase information easily.

This especially comes in handy if you recently moved into a home where the appliances were provided.  If the previous owner registered the appliance and reported that they were having a similar issue with it in the past, the manufacturer can see this and will usually be more willing to help with the part/repair/service, etc.

It’s Easy


Most manufacturers will let you register your appliance right on their website instead of having to keep track of that little white card and remembering to mail it in.  And for those of you worried about getting spammed with emails, you can usually opt-out of emails other than safety information and important product updates.

The majority of the demographic and lifestyle questions asked are also typically optional when registering your appliance.  Usually you can fill out the basic contact information and leave it at that.  However, we do recommend you read through the terms of the warranty for confirmation.

Even though it may seem like a hassle, there really are some worthwhile benefits to registering your appliances and parts.  If you’re still not convinced, at the very least you should look over the manufacturer warranty to get a sense of your coverage in case something ever goes wrong.

Have a question about a part or your appliance?  Visit our website for customer service contact info and our live chat feature.

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Written by: Sarah Walker


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