Why you may want to hold off on self-cleaning your oven before your Thanksgiving festivities


Thanksgiving is just around the corner, meaning family, friends and lots of turkey!  Preparation often requires lots of cleaning, but one thing you may want to hold off on is pushing that self-clean option on your oven.

Self-cleaning ovens are able to burn off excess food that may have been left over from previous use of the appliance.  It is able to do this by reaching temperatures of just over approximately 930 °F which ultimately burns off said excess food particles.  These ovens come with a protective coat that creates a heat resistant enamel and extra insulation to prevent the possibilities of fires.

Typically these ovens are also designed with an automatic lock for when the self-cleaning process begins and also immediately after the process is done.  This feature is to prevent any burn injuries you may incur from the extremely hot surfaces

Self-cleaning oven cycles can be super convenient, but it can also take a huge toll on your oven.  Even with the heat resistant enamel, there may still be a chance that your oven could burn out its control panel and heating elements.  This risk or burnout includes new to older over models, which would ultimately leave you with the unfortunate issue of having a broken oven for Thanksgiving.

Of course, you never want your kitchen appliances to break down, but this might be one of the worst times of the year to experience an oven failure.  We have an alternative way to clean your oven before preparing for the big meal.  It’s an all-natural formula mix with easy to follow directions to clean your oven and make sure that it is ready for your Thanksgiving dinner.

Happy cleaning and an even happier Thanksgiving!

Reminder: Before cleaning, make sure your oven is completely turned off and cool.  If you find that there are any parts that need to be replaced, check our inventory to get what you need.


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