Stacking Your Washer And Dryer | Things To Consider


Thinking about stacking your washer and dryer, but not sure how? Here are some things to consider!

Before you go ahead and stack your appliances, you want to make sure you have the space for it. Also, it is important you leave room on each side for wiring, venting and heat clearance. Remember to always stack the dryer on top, because it is much lighter than the washer. Make sure you will be able to reach into the dryer and all the buttons on top once it is stacked.

Do not use a pedestal if you are stacking. It can cause your stacking to become unstable and also make your dryer too high to reach. Check both appliances’ owner’s guides to be sure they can be stacked together. If you have not bought your units yet, you can be sure they will stack with each other by buying matching units that are meant for stacking with each other.

In order to stack your appliances, you will need to get a stacking kit that is right for both your washer and dryer. The stacking kit will come with a set of instructions for you to follow. Once your appliances are stacked, you will need to make sure they are secured.

After you have successfully stacked your washer and dryer, do a test run to make sure they are completely stable. If you notice that they shake or move from side to side, you will need to make proper adjustments to eliminate this. Once you have set up and made the proper adjustments, you can finally enjoy your conveniently stacked washer and dryer.

Looking for a Stacking Kit for your models?  You can find them available for purchase on our website along with many other OEM Washer and Dryer Parts.  If you have any questions, additional tips, or ideas for future blogs be sure to leave them for us in the comment section below!

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