Ice dispenser not producing the proper form of ice?


If your ice dispenser is giving you crushed ice when you ask for cubed then you probably need to replace your ice deflector, which is the part of your ice dispenser that directs the ice to either go to the crusher or to the dispenser to be dispensed into cubed form. This is a simple replacement that you can easily do yourself!

Parts and supplies you will need:
New Ice Deflector
-1/4 inch nut driver
-Flat head screwdriver


Steps to complete the replacement:
1.) Open the freezer door
2.) Remove the ice dispenser assembly by simply lifting up and pulling out
3.) Remove the 1/4 inch nuts on the outside of the dispenser using your 1/4 inch nut driver
4.) Remove the front panel and flip over the bin
5.) Remove the ice deflector using the flat head screw driver to pry out the pins on each side then pull out
6.) Put the new ice deflector in by sliding it into place from the top down in front of the control arm and press the pins into place turn the ice bin on its side; the control arm needs to be in the little notch on the ice deflector use your flat head screw driver to pry it into place
7.) Re-screw the front of the ice dispenser to the bin
8.) Put the ice dispenser back into the freezer by lining it up with the tracks and pushing it back into place

*WARNING: Before starting any repair, always make sure that the appliance is completely disconnected from the power source by unplugging it. This tutorial is meant to be a guide and should not be used in place of the installation instructions provided by the manufacturer.


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