How Often Should You Change The Water Filter In Your Refrigerator?


Changing the water filter in your refrigerator every 6 months is what most manufacturers recommend. The question all of us seem to be asking is: Is this really necessary?

The answer: It depends on how often your water dispenser is being used. If your water dispenser is being used more often than what is “normal,” then it will be in your best interest to change your water filter every three months. If a water filter is being used frequently, it will become less effective in a shorter amount of time. When your water filter expires and you continue to use it, you could be at risk not only for floaters, but for mold and bacteria as well.

Signs that a water filter needs to be changed include: a decrease in the flow of water, an ice maker that stops making ice, and a status indicator light turned on inside your refrigerator. Another indicator of an expired water filter can be determined by a bad taste or odor coming from the water being dispensed. If this is something you are experiencing, do not continue to drink the water from your refrigerator until the water filter is replaced.

By replacing your water filter according to how often it is being used, you can be confident that your drinking water is safe and particle free. For more information on water filters and to find the correct filter for your refrigerator model, visit our website.

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