Does Your Toolbox Have The 8 Essential Items it Should?


Whether you live in an apartment, house, or condo you need a toolbox to complete tasks in your living area. From a task as simple as hanging a picture to something a little more difficult like replacing a part in your refrigerator, everything requires tools! Here are eight specific tools that every toolbox should contain so you’re able to complete the tasks you want when you want.

14842297_l1.) Screwdriver set- Having a flat head and Phillips screwdriver is a must have in your tool box, from prying a lid off of a paint can to screwing in a hinge on a door. Screwdrivers are required for a lot of do it yourself tasks.
2.) Pliers- Pliers have multiple uses such as cutting wire and acting as a clamp some pliers can even be used as wrenches!
3.) Tape measure- Tape measures are one of the items in your toolbox that you will probably use the most because it has so many versatile uses.
4.) Flashlight- Flashlights are used in many repairs where it is dark and hard to see where or what you should be working on, flashlights are also very useful when the power goes out and you want to e able to see.
5.) Level- This tool is essential in hanging almost anything, unless you want it hung crooked of course.
6.) Utility knife- This tool is essential because it can not only help you with repairs but also everyday activities like opening up boxes.
7.) Hacksaw- This tool is going to be your best friend whenever you need to cut through things from wood to metal a hacksaw will work on them all.
8.) Hammer- Lastly your toolbox needs a hammer, a hammer is used in the simplest to the most extensive household tasks and a toolbox without a hammer won’t get many jobs done!

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