How To Replace Your Electric Stove Cooktop | Repair Made Easy!


Is your electric stove cooktop stained or damaged in some way? It may be time for a replacement, not to worry, we can help you out! Before you begin your replacement, be sure your oven is completely turned off and disconnected. The only tool you will need to complete this repair is a Phillips head screw driver. Be sure to follow the steps below to replace your cooktop smoothly.

  1. Open your oven
  2. Unscrew the four screws on the underside of the cooktop
  3. Close the oven door
  4. Slowly lift the cooktop back and up to get it off
  5. With the new replacement cooktop, start with the back and gently lay it over the heating elements
  6. Once you have put it on and in place, open the door to the oven and put the four screws back into place

That is all you have to do, and now you can enjoy your shiny new glass cooktop! To prevent your new cooktop from scratching, you should never use ceramic, cast iron cookware or stoneware on it. These items have rough, unfinished bottoms that can easily scuff and scratch up your cooktop.

For more of our tips on how to keep your cooktop looking brand new all the time, Click Here.

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