How To Replace the Door Seal on Your Gas Dryer


Have you noticed that your dryer is taking a long time to dry? There are a few different reasons this could be happening, and one of them is that your dryer door seal needs to be replaced. The dryer door seal is the seal around the inside of the door of your dryer that helps keep the heat within the unit. Here are step-by-step instructions for repairing a Maytag (Whirlpool) Dryer (model number MGDC300BW1) by replacing the door seal (part number W10389572).

Noisy washing machine and dryer
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Common Furnace Problems and Repairs


Since we are in this lovely season of winter our furnace is getting a lot of use. From all of this use our furnace may be having some problems that need to be fixed ASAP because we do not want our homes to be the same temperature it is outside. If your looking to buy a new furnace here are some things you should look at when purchasing and if you are looking to repair your furnace here are some common furnace problems and how to repair them!

Things to look at when buying a new furnace:
-The number of speeds it has
-The type of drive it has it will either be direct or belt
-The speed in RPM’s and the number of speeds it has
-The voltage you probably will want a furnace with 115,208-230, or 460
-The direction of rotation; reversible seems to be the better choice
-The horse power you will probably want one with 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, 3/4, or  1


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How to Clean Your Refrigerator, Naturally!


It’s a new year and you want to get started on your spring cleaning but you don’t know where to begin! Your kitchen is probably a good place to start especially after all of that holiday cooking. Cleaning out our refrigerators is the first step in the right direction. Once you have cleared the contents from your refrigerator, you will find your work there is not done. Grease stains, spills, sticky spots and all that good stuff is ready to go! The buildup of residue seems like it will take forever to scrub off. Fortunately we found that cleaning your refrigerator naturally can get the job done right!

Whip up this quick & easy homemade fridge cleaner to get started:

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Why is My Garbage Disposal Leaking?


You have noticed some water leaking from the bottom of your sink that seems to be coming from your garbage disposal. If a unit inside of your disposal is leaking, it most likely needs to be replaced. Some repairs require a specialist, but other can be replaced by simple do-it-yourself steps!

The leak could be coming from four common areas on you garbage disposal:

  1. The sink flange – silver part above cutting chamber where the sink and disposal unit 24682609_sconnect directly
  2. The inlet hose- the black rubber hose connecting to the upper part of the black cutting chamber
  3. The drain – drain pipe attached in the middle of cutting chamber, below hose.
  4. The bottom of the disposal – water could be draining from the bottom of your disposal – Call a specialist

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Dishwasher Do’s and Don’ts


Getting your dishes clean requires a good dishwasher and detergent and rinse aid.  If that’s not enough, take a look at what you could be doing to ensure clean dishes every time!

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Are You Overloading or Under Loading Your Washer?


Let’s face it – no one likes doing their own laundry. There is nothing worse than having a mound of clothing overflowing your laundry basket. It is our first instinct to throw as much as we can into one load so we can get back to our daily routines. It is hard not to overcrowd your machine – surely everything can squeeze! Although this may be true, overloading can actually damage your washing machine and affect the efficiency of the wash. Surprisingly it is not just overloading that can affect the performance of your washing machine. Under loading can also cause problems for your washer.

Here are some quick loading tips to keep your washer running smoothly.

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Want to Save Money & Energy During Those Harsh Winters?


As we all know, once the new year hits so do frigid winter snow storms! While trying to survive in the seemingly arctic tundra, we are also trying to stay on top of our utility bills. In addition to heating your cozy home you are faced with astronomical energy bills. The major appliances in your home – refrigerators, washers, and dryers all account for a big chunk of your utility bill. To make matters more complex, if your refrigerator or washing machines are more than a decade old, you’re spending a lot more on energy than you need to.

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