The Sock Monster Is Real But You Can Stop Him Now!


The Sock Monster has been around for a long time and he does not seem to care if they are old ragged socks or brand new nice ones he will strike when you least expect it. Not anymore, we found his weakness and his hiding spot of your precious socks. You can even stop him yourself without having to hire a super sock fighter.

sock super man

His Evil Hiding Spot:
After much research from your appliance superheros we have discovered the sock monster place of work. It is between the inner tub of your washer and he outer tub of your washer.

Tools You’ll Need to Stop Him:
-1/4 inch Nut Driver
-Flat Head Screwdriver
-Spanner wrench

How To Defeat the Villain:
-Unplug the washer and turn off the water 
-Disconnect the hoses
-Remove small back panel
-Remove two hinge screws
-Tape lid down
-Pull top panel forward, lift up, and push back to unlock
-Tip top panel back
-Remove softener dispenser and dust cap
-Unscrew agitator bolt
-Lift up on agitator base to remove assembly and remove spacer
-Unlock tabs on tub ring with flat head screwdriver to remove
-User spanner wrench to loosen tub nut
-Lift up on old inner tub to remove
-Put the inner tub back in
-Tighten on tub nut
-Replace tub ring, pushing down to lock into place
-Replace agitator assembly
-Replace agitator bolt
-Replace dust cap and softener dispenser
-Close top panel
-Pull forward until the panel drops, then push back
-Replace top panel screws on back
-Replace small back panel
-Connect hoses
-Plug in washer, turn on water, and give it a test run!

Now you know how to stop the sock monster don’t let him tear apart your socks again!

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