Why Do I Have Low Water Pressure?



There is nothing worse than jumping in the shower and being greeted by low water pressure. Low water pressure can make simple daily activities time consuming and it makes you deeply appreciate the times that your water is running normally. So why is your water pressure so low? We have laid out a few different reasons, including some ways to fix the problems.

Mineral Buildup and Debris

No matter how squeaky clean your home is, debris can still get into your home’s pipes and minerals can build up just by everyday water flow. The easiest way to deal with this is purchasing a plumbing chemical that is meant to break down and flush out the debris and build ups. Another more natural method of cleaning out your pipes is using vinegar and baking soda. This is the cheapest method, but it will take a lot of the mixture and more time to break down the build ups.

Corrosion Inside Piping

Natural corrosion is completely normal and expected in homes, but if it begins to affect your water pressure it may be time to think about replacing your pipes. Although this isn’t the ideal solution as it can be an expensive process, it can be extremely beneficial to your home and will not happen more than a few times in a lifetime.


If water flowing through the pipes gets redirected due to a leak the proper amount of water is not going to the right place, which causes low water pressure. If you think that you have a leak, turn off all water taps in your home and record the meter outside. In a few hours check to see if the meter has the same number. If it has a larger number, you most likely have a leak that you should get checked out by a plumber.

Community Water Supply

Similarly to having household plumbing problems, your community can have plumbing problems like leaks, buildups, and other situations which have a direct effect on you. Before jumping to the worst conclusions about your own house, give your local water supply a call because they might have an issue you are unaware of.

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Written By: Madison Jezioro

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