Are You Overloading or Under Loading Your Washer?


Let’s face it – no one likes doing their own laundry. There is nothing worse than having a mound of clothing overflowing your laundry basket. It is our first instinct to throw as much as we can into one load so we can get back to our daily routines. It is hard not to overcrowd your machine – surely everything can squeeze! Although this may be true, overloading can actually damage your washing machine and affect the efficiency of the wash. Surprisingly it is not just overloading that can affect the performance of your washing machine. Under loading can also cause problems for your washer.

Here are some quick loading tips to keep your washer running smoothly.

Overloading Your Washing Machine

Trying to achieve your weekly wash in one load is a common goal we all share. Although it seems like you are saving time and have beat the system, you will most likely find that the results of your wash are below standards. Overloading your machine can cause your load to spin in one big lump and prevent your clothing from moving against each other. If your clothes are not absorbing enough water – the dirt, sweat, and detergent cannot be released from the fabric. This means your clothing will come out just as dirty as you put them in!

Aside from not giving your load of laundry a thorough cleaning – overcrowding your machine can leave your clothing wrinkled because there was not enough room in the drum. Even worse, overloading can cause your clothing to pill easily.

Under Loading Your Washing Machine

Having an extra small load can make the weight of the clothes accumulate on one side of the drum. This can make your washer spin out of balance resulting in vigorous banging noises – I am sure everyone has experienced this at least once! Additionally, under loading your washer is more likely to result in the washer being unable to spin because there is “not enough weight” in your drum. When the washer does not spin and the cycle is finished, you will be looking down the drum at your clothing drenched in a puddle of dirty water.

Load Size Guide:

  • Small Load: Fills the washer tub 1/3 full
  • Medium Load: Fills washer tub ½ full
  • Large Load: Fills washer tub ¾ full
  • Extra Large Load (rare): Washer tub should NOT be completely filled. Just over ¾ full.

**Front Load washing machines weigh the wash load and adds water accordingly.

More Quick Tips:

If you are not sure which load of laundry to wash first – separate your clothing into temperature sensitive piles. This means that you should be washing your whites in hot water first and maybe your towels or jeans in colder water last.

If your washing machine is not working for different reasons – check out our website at  to find what parts you might need to fix the problem! 1st Source Servall Washer Parts


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