When Should I Buy A New Appliance?


You’ve had your current appliance for what seems like a lifetime, and all those years ago you promised to run it to the ground. But, what happens if it’s Christmas Eve and you are left without a working oven? Or it is someone’s birthday and you can’t cook them their favorite meal? It may be time to start planning out the purchase of an appliance before you get stuck. Surprisingly there are some dates that are better than others for appliance purchasing.


Before jumping into your car and coming home $2,000 poorer, be sure the issue with your appliance is not a quick fix. But, if it is, check out all of the appliance parts we offer here: http://www.1stsourceservall.com

Most major appliances follow this calendar of best times to purchase, but be aware of the changing seasons when looking for seasonally used appliances like air conditioning units and grills.

September, October, and January

During the fall, manufacturers reveal their newest models. This makes for a great time to purchase last year’s model at a lower price. Stores will be trying to get rid of the older models to make room for the new models which come soon after. But, if you want to wait it out until January, some stores will hold on to older inventory when making that transition to the new models. The deals might be much better at this time, but it could be hard to find the exact model you wanted as the selection will be more limited.


While most appliances release at the times above, refrigerators tend to roll out in the summertime, meaning that the older models will be cheaper in the spring.

Holiday Weekends

Most holiday weekends such as Columbus Day, President’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, and even Black Friday are good times to purchase appliances. But, be aware that you are actually getting the best deal as some retailers may advertise an appliance on sale but it is a very minor discount.


We all know how jam-packed the mall and appliance stores can get on weekends, and we also know that we get less attention from the salesperson as they are dealing with twenty other customers. Try going to the store on a weekday because you will have the opportunity to make more of a personal connection with the salesperson and possibly get a better deal.


Unlike being in store, you can’t try to get the salesperson to change the price online. So, if you do some searching online you may find the best deals. Don’t forget about the Monday after Thanksgiving, better known as Cyber-Monday, to search for some good deals on appliances as well!

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Written By: Madison Jezioro

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