Why is My Garbage Disposal Leaking?


You have noticed some water leaking from the bottom of your sink that seems to be coming from your garbage disposal. If a unit inside of your disposal is leaking, it most likely needs to be replaced. Some repairs require a specialist, but other can be replaced by simple do-it-yourself steps!

The leak could be coming from four common areas on you garbage disposal:

  1. The sink flange – silver part above cutting chamber where the sink and disposal unit 24682609_sconnect directly
  2. The inlet hose- the black rubber hose connecting to the upper part of the black cutting chamber
  3. The drain – drain pipe attached in the middle of cutting chamber, below hose.
  4. The bottom of the disposal – water could be draining from the bottom of your disposal – Call a specialist

To find the source of the leak, follow these do-it-yourself steps:

  1. Unplug your garbage disposal. If any area around the electric socket, turn off the breaker for that section of the house to avoid injury, such as shock.
  2. Remove everything from under the sink and place a bucket or something sturdy underneath to catch any water that may come out in the process.
  3. Fill the sink with water until it’s a little less than halfway full.
  4. Put a few drops of good coloring in the water so you can clearly see where the water leak is coming from.
  5. If there are no visible leaks, take a flashlight under your sink to see if any of the four common sources are leaking.
  6. If you cannot find the source contact a specialist.


How to fix the source leak:  

Sink Flange:

  • Problem: If the leak is visible before unplugging your drain – it usually means the seal between the sink and disposal is cracked or broken. The deal is a rubber fitting that covers the top edge of the garbage disposal.
  • Fix:  Insert a screwdriver into the tightening ring and turn it counterclockwise. This will release the garbage disposal unit so you can inspect the main seal that sits on the top of the unit. Wipe the seal clean of any debris. If you notice that the seal is damaged or cracked, it must be replaced.

Dishwasher Hose:

  • Problem: Seal between disposal and hose is broken or cracked.
  • Fix: Unscrew the clamp around hose and remove it from the disposal unit. Cut off the end of the hose with a utility knife up to the point where the leak began. Dishwasher hoses are generally long, so cutting off a few inches should not be a problem. Slide the hose back onto the fixture, and reinstall the clamp.

Drain Pipe:

  • Problem: Seal between disposal and drain line is cracked or broken. Sometimes wire clamps lose tension and need to be tightened to fix the problem.
  • Fix: Replace the seal. Replacement part varies on the disposal unit in your home.

Bottom of the Disposal:

  • Problem: Broken seals inside of the disposal unit.
  • Fix:  If water is running out the bottom of the unit but the inlets and outlet are dry, the unit itself has developed a leak and must be replaced.


If this blog was helpful and you are planning on replacing these parts yourself, find all of the garbage disposal replacement parts here: 1st Source Servall Garbage Disposal

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