Smart Appliances?


We have all become accustomed to the smart devices used every day, specifically cell phones. But, have you ever considered a smart appliance? Whirlpool has recently released a Smart Front Load washer with 6th Sense Live™ Technology as well as a “Smart Assistant” and “Smart Stats” which change the face of laundry.
As smart devices have been developing over the last 15 years, it was only a matter of time before someone decided to switch things up in the home appliance department and create an appliance you can control and keep an eye on from your smart phone.

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“The Ferrari of Fridges”


We are all familiar with the phrase, “go big or go home.” Yes? What if we can give you a product that makes you want to actually go big and go home? Samsung’s chef collection, a new generation of kitchen appliances, is inspired by passion and perfection of the best renowned chefs from around the world. Samsung gathered a team of Michelin Starred Chefs who shared their vision and knowledge to create a innovative range of new appliances. This collection combines premium performance and extraordinary design keeping your kitchen savoy and sophisticated.  Continue reading

Flint, MI Water Crisis


State of Emergency 

The Flint, MI water crisis began with a city officials trying to save money. It developed into the declaration of a federal state of emergency after as many of 8,000 children were exposed to lead poisoning. Michigan’s Governor Rick Snyder appointed an emergency manager, an unelected official, because Flint was nearing bankruptcy. One way to save money was to stop buying drinking water from Detroit and draw from Lake Huron instead. However the switch could not be implemented right away so the Flint River became the city’s new water source.

After the switch in April 2014, Virginia Tech researchers found that the water was highly corrosive. Lead from the city’s pipes began leaching into the drinking water. In parts of Flint, the percentage of children with high levels of lead in their blood doubled after the switch. That October, the city switched back to the Lake Huron water supply, but the damage was already done.

The People of Michigan

The people of Michigan including children are greatly effected by the lead in their drinking water. Lead poisoning is dangerous for anyone – the related symptoms include skin lesions, hair loss, vision loss, memory loss, and depression and anxiety.

Research shows exposure can affect a developing child’s IQ, resulting in learning disabilities. According to the Centers  for Disease Control and Prevention, lead poisoning can affect nearly every system in the body. The spike in Legionnaires’ disease led to 10 deaths during the same time period of the outbreak. The state of Michigan’s inquiry into the Flint water crisis will consider any potential criminal conduct, including involuntary manslaughter.

“If you have a duty and you breach that duty, because of gross negligence of that breach someone died, and you can show the proximate cause of that death reached to the breach, then you can have involuntary man slaughter,” said Todd Flood. It was not until January 5th that Snyder declared a state of emergency and January 12th that he mobilized the National Guard to assist with distribution of bottled water and water filters.

Michigan Undertaking Plan to Determine if Flint Water is Safe

The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality has undertaken a five-part strategy to determine whether Flint’s water, contaminated with lead, is safe to drink. This strategy to ensure safe drinking water includes residential water testing, school testings, food service & restaurant provider testing, blood testing, and overall testing of Flint’s water distribution system.

DEQ Interim Director Keith Creagh states that “We know that moving forward requires all levels of government – ”

State officials say water samples from roughly 5000 homes have been tested and about 94% are below the “actionable level” of 15 parts per billion for lead. Michigan Governor Rick Snyder urged all residents to submit a free water test kit, which can be picked up and returned to designated fire stations.

All Hands on Deck 

Some $5 million in federal aid has been freed up to immediately assist with the water crisis. However, President Obama denied Snyder’s request for a disaster declaration. Kinds in Flint will get checkups from a doctor’s office on wheels. A 40 ft long RV is a new initiative from Hurley Children’s Hospital to help kids who have been exposed to lead.

More than 300 union plumbers from all over Michigan flooded Flint to install free filters for residents during the last weekend in January. According to ABC12, not all faucets in Flint can fit a filter, which is more than necessary to get rid of lead in water. In one day plumbers replaced faucets and filters in 800 homes.

Celebrities such as Jimmy Fallon, Mark Wahlberg, and Russel Simmons joined the force to donate cases of water to Flint. Aretha Franklin offered free hotel rooms, food and money to families forced from their homes. Many others have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to assist Flint by any means necessary.

Who is Responsible 

Emergency manager, appointed by Rick Snyder – Edward Kurtz, made the decision to use the Flint River water until the new water system was ready. The next emergency manager, Darnell Early, rejected offers from Detroit to continue selling water to Flint until the new system was ready. The state treasurer and Department of Environmental Quality failed to follow federal rules meant to stop lead from infiltrating the water supply.

It is still not clear how much Michigan’s governor knew about the extent of the crisis, or when he knew it. Emails released in January made it clear that Snyder’s advisers were downplaying the situation at hand.  Experts say that water treatment would have prevented 90% of the problems with Flint’s water.

As Flint prepares to host a democratic presidential debate on March 6th, the candidates are talking about the city’s tainted water crisis.


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How to Help Your Appliances Meet Their Life Expectancy


Every appliance has a certain life length that it supposed to have, but sometimes appliances do not live as long as their “life expectancy”.  This is because just like us appliances need to be properly maintained in order to serve a full healthy life. Here are the average “life expectancies” of a few  major appliances and some tips to help you make sure they are met!


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How to Install Water Filter


Millions of households have switched to bottled drinking water because of concerns over the purity or taste of their tap water. Such problems exist across the country, including Flint, MI now experiencing lead contaminated drinking water. There is an easy less expensive way to obtain clean drinking water: install an under-the-sink water filtration system or a whole-house water filter.  Continue reading

Product Pick of the Week: Dishwasher Door Parts


Dishwashers are a luxury that many take advantage of. So, the moment the door seal won’t hold or the door flies to the ground when you open it, replacement parts are necessary. This week’s Product Picks of the Week are the parts for a dishwasher door including the cable, gaskets, latches and springs. Get to know your parts before you install them! Before repairing or replacing any of these parts, be sure to turn off the water supply and turn off the power.

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How To Clean and Prevent Mold in Washing Machine



Washing machines take on the task many people wouldn’t enjoy doing by hand: LAUNDRY! Just like it is important to clean out your refrigerator or your oven, it is important to give your washing machine a scrub down to avoid mold and bacteria that grabs onto your clothing every day.

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Kitchen Trends of 2016


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How to Replace a Refrigerator Door Gasket


Most of us pay our refrigerator a visit 5 times a day, and if there is more than one person living in your house, this can have quite the effect on your refrigerator door! From fingerprints to broken seals, our refrigerator endures it all. To avoid our groceries (and money!) going to waste, be sure to keep an eye out on how your refrigerator door gasket is holding up. If it needs to be replaced, follow our step-by-step instructions to repairing most refrigerator gaskets below!

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5 Common Refrigerator Fixes


There are some appliance repair jobs that are quite difficult and the most stress free way to fix them is calling a repair man. However, some appliance repair jobs are so simple, you can easily complete themselves.  Here are 5 simple appliance repair jobs that anyone should be able to do!


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