How to Light the Pilot Light in Your Hotpoint Oven:


Generally speaking gas ovens and ranges are more preferred than electric ovens because they provide the chef in the house with more control over the heating temperatures. If you own a Hotpoint oven that does not come equipped with an electronic ignition, it’s essential to understand how to light the pilot lights for the burners and oven. According to Hotpoint, the burner pilot lights must be lit before you can light the oven pilot light.

Surface Burner

  • Turn off all of your burner control knows to “Off”
  • Lift up the cook top on your Hotpoint oven
  • Located in the center of the range between each set of burner, light both pilots using a match.

Oven Pilot

  • Remove Hotpoint oven door a few inches to reach the “stop point.” Grab each side of the door and lift straight up to remove.
  • Remove oven shelves.
  • Remove the inside of the oven bottom. First, you will need to remove screws toward rear of the oven bottom. Grab oven bottom by the finger slots on each side and lift it up and slide it out of the oven.
  • Located on the back of the oven bottom, attached to the left side of the oven burner you will find the pilot light. To light the pilot, push in and hold the oven control knob.
  • Once the pilot is lit, continue holding knob down for at least one minute.
  • Reassemble your oven and verify the pilot light is working properly.
  • Once assembled turn your oven control knob to 260 degrees – oven burner should ignite and burn until the desired temperature is reached.

Have specific questions regarding your Hotpoint oven? Consider calling a specialist to oversee the functions of your range. If necessary, you can find replacement parts at: 1st Source Servall Range Parts


A specialist isn’t the answer – a new oven might be! Check out our blog to help you in your decision making process: WHEN SHOULD I BUY A NEW APPLIANCE?


5 thoughts on “How to Light the Pilot Light in Your Hotpoint Oven:

  1. Edmond

    i got a von hotpot 7312 NED from a person leaving the country,,how would i tell if oven is electric or gas? tried lighting it up(the oven) with no success

    • Thanks for your question Edmond!

      As we’re not technicians, I unfortunately can’t give you a definite answer. But, in general when looking inside of the oven many gas models will typically have a burner tube at the bottom (it will usually either be exposed or underneath a panel). While on the other hand, most electric ovens will usually have an element either at the top or bottom of the oven cavity. My suggestion would be to enter your model number into a search engine and see if you you can find the user manual, that should have all the information you need in it!

  2. Marco

    I attempted to light the pilot light in my hot point oven. It refuses to remain on after leaving the button in for over a minute. What to do.. New pilot light assembly?

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