Product Pick of the Week: Goo Gone


Welcome to our new series, Product Pick of the Week! Every week we will be selecting a new part or product we sell and explaining its use and importance in the appliance parts world. This article will talk about Goo Gone. Have you ever decorated your refrigerator with adhesives and photos? Or has your child ever put stickers on every surface of your household? Do not worry, 1st Source Servall has your back. Check out all of the ways this product will be useful in your home here!

goo gone

Let’s begin by naming all of the surfaces that this product is safe to use on:

  • Appliances
  • Automobiles
  • Boats
  • Brick
  • Carpet
  • Ceramic
  • Clothing
  • Equipment
  • Fiberglass
  • Floors
  • Furniture
  • Glass
  • Hardwood
  • Metal
  • Plastic
  • Tools
  • Tile
  • Upholstery
  • Wood

Gum in the Drum

Sometimes your sweet, adorable child will make you want to pull your hair out with the places they hide old gum. If you happen to find it in your dryer, refrain from drying any more clothes as the gum will just smear on more and more clothing until you rub some Goo Gone and elbow grease into the drum. A little Goo Gone goes a long way, so do not pour a lot onto the gum. We suggest that you take a rag and put a few drops of Goo Gone on there and then rub out the gum from the inside of the dryer. You will be surprised with how well it works! After the gum is clear, use another rag and wipe down the drum with a little bit of soap and water.

Stainless Steel Sticker

Whether your new appliance had a sticker on it from purchase or if you had placed an adhesive on your appliance to hang a calendar or photos, it can be scary to clean your stainless steel appliance as you may be worried about scratching it. Worry no longer: Goo Gone can help. The company suggests that you first test this on an inconspicuous part of your stainless steel appliance before you scrub down that giant front-and-center sticker. Use a small amount of Goo Gone and let the adhesive soak for a few minutes. Then, rub it with an old rag. Ta-da!


If you love cooking, you may find that grease builds up and leaves a sticky residue on these areas: fiberglass, glass, laminate, metal, plastic, vinyl, windows, ceramic, counter tops, flooring, granite, marble, stone or tile. Once again, test Goo Gone on an inconspicuous area. Apply the product to the grease and let it sit for up to three minutes. Wipe it off with a rag and clean the area with soap and water to get a beautiful Goo Gone shine!

While there are without a doubt more than three ways to use this product, this is just a quick overview to see what you are missing. You can find this product here for an inexpensive price and a priceless commodity in your home.

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Written By: Madison Jezioro

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