How Your Dryer Can Get Rid Of Bed Bugs


The sad truth is everyone is at risk of getting bed bugs no matter how often you wash or change your sheets. Bed bugs not only live in beds but also in furniture, clothing, suitcases, and sometimes even boxes. They can be transmitted from person to person unknowingly, especially in little kids. A lot of the time, these little bugs will go unnoticed for a while because their bite can resemble a mosquito bite. The good thing is your clothing dryer can kill the bed bugs on your clothing and bed sheets!


Defeating the Bug:
Unfortunately, bed bugs, like any other insect, lay eggs and it’s the eggs that are more difficult to get rid of than the actual bed bugs.  But don’t worry, your dryer can defeat them both! Bed bugs die at the temperature of 113 degrees Fahrenheit within a 90 minute cycle and bed bug eggs die at the temperature of 118 degrees Fahrenheit within a 90 minute cycle. A normal dryer reaches the temperature of 120 degrees Fahrenheit so it will kill off both the bugs and the eggs.

Helpful Bed Bug Tips:
-Whenever you stay at a hotel always put your clothes in the dryer for the designated bed bug killing time and heat just to be safe. Hotels can be nesting areas for bed bugs.
-You do not need to wash your clothes before drying them to kill the bed bugs. In fact, if you do wash your clothes before your dry them to get rid of bed bugs, it is recommended you dry your clothes for longer than 90 minutes.
-If the clothing you’re worried about having bed bugs on is “dry-clean only” you can put them in the dryer at a slightly lower temperature and tumble dry them. If you do choose to take your “dry-clean only” clothes to a dry cleaner, transport them in a sealed plastic bag and tell the dry cleaners that your clothes are infested ahead of time.

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Written By: Claire Begalke

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