Product Pick of the Week: Ice Machine Cleaner


This week on our Product Pick of the Week, we chose to talk about our ice machine cleaner. You probably never knew how important it is to clean your ice machine. Just like the food in your refrigerator goes bad, the ice and the food in your freezer can go bad and make your ice taste funny. Similarly, built up mineral deposits from the water can cause issues with your ice quality as well. This ice machine cleaner will make your ice odorless again and back to normal!

ice machine cleaner.jpg

It is very simple to use. First, unplug the appliance and let it thaw for 15-30 minutes. Empty out the ice that is already in the ice drawer. Make sure to read your owner’s manual about which parts of the machine you should be hand washing. Use one part ice machine cleaner and three parts water to clean the parts of the machine and then rinse them with water. Once this is done, put the parts back into place and wipe them down with a soft, dry rag to collect any excess water and let the appliance air dry. Once it is dry, plug it in and let the ice maker make a batch of ice. You should throw out this batch of ice. After this, enjoy your clean ice machine!

Aside from cleaning your ice machine maker often, it is also important to keep up with other maintenance as well. If you find that your ice is hollow, tasting bad or all freezing together, we can help. If you think that the machine is causing an issue, check out how to replace an ice maker and how to replace an ice dispenser motor also.

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Written By: Madison Jezioro

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