Important Recall Information: Goodman Air Conditioning & Heating Units


At 1st Source Servall we care about your safety, which is why we try to keep you up-to-date on the latest appliance recalls.

On February 17, 2016 Goodman issued a safety recall (recall number 16-102) for select Amana, Century, Comfort-Aire, Goodman, and York Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners & Heat Pumps (PTAC), and Amana  Room Air Conditioners (RAC).  In addition to the original 233,500 units recalled in August of 2014, an additional 5,300 units are now being recalled.

The reason for the recall is a malfunctioning power cord, posing a potential fire hazard and risk of overheating.  At this time, 10 instances of fire have been reported and 4 reports of property damage.

The Serial Number for the recalled units will be between 0701009633 and 0804272329.  The serial number can be found under the front cover on PTAC units, and behind the grille on RAC units.  The power cord will have a date code ending in 06 or 07, or be between 0108 and 1808.  

The effected models are beige with a beige power cord and are commonly found in Hotels/Motels, Apartment Buildings, and Commercial Spaces installed on the wall, or in the case of RAC units, possibly in a window.

If You Have a Recalled Unit

To avoid future hazard, unplug and stop using the unit immediately.  

For non-commercial owners:  Contact your brand to request a free power cord replacement.  You will receive free installation service in addition to a Control Board inspection if you are a PTAC unit owner.  If the control board has been damaged by the faulty power cord, this will also be installed free of charge.

For Amana, Goodman, & York  units:  800-366-0339

For Comfort-Aire & Century brand units: 877-442-4482

Or visit:

For commercial owners: You should be contacted directly and will receive a replacement power cord.  If the control board has been damaged by the faulty power cord, Goodman will supply a replacement.

For more information on recall #16-102, visit:

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Written by: Sarah Walker

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