How to Replace a Refrigerator Door Gasket


Most of us pay our refrigerator a visit 5 times a day, and if there is more than one person living in your house, this can have quite the effect on your refrigerator door! From fingerprints to broken seals, our refrigerator endures it all. To avoid our groceries (and money!) going to waste, be sure to keep an eye out on how your refrigerator door gasket is holding up. If it needs to be replaced, follow our step-by-step instructions to repairing most refrigerator gaskets below!

fridge with sticky notes

Tools You’ll Need:

Step-By-Step Instructions

WARNING: Before beginning any repair, be sure to unplug the appliance! 

  1. To begin, be sure your new gasket is kink-free. Soak it in hot water (not boiling!) and allow it to loosen up.
  2. Remove refrigerator door from hinges. Typically you will have to take a cover off of the hinge holding the door in place. Then, remove the hinge. If your gasket is torn or in bad condition, be prepared for your door to come out of place.
  3. Lay the door on a flat surface. The gasket is connected to the door because it is held between two sides of the refrigerator. Be sure NOT TO PULL THESE APART!
  4. The removal process: You will need to cut the old gasket in one spot to make it easier to remove. Go to the middle of one of the long ends of the door and use the wire cutters to cut the gasket in half. When you are removing the old gasket, gently pull the gasket at a 45 degree angle to avoid damaging the door. Carefully tug the piece of rubber from between the two sides of the refrigerator all the way around.
  5. Before putting your replacement gasket in place, use a putty knife between the two sides of the refrigerator where you pulled the gasket from to push any excess rubber or glue out of the way. Push the putty knife in only about 3/4 of an inch and do this around the parameter of the door.
  6. The replacement: Lay out your new gasket to be sure you have the correct size.
  7. Start in a corner. Wedge the plastic piece that will hold the gasket in place between those two sides of the refrigerator. Do not get discouraged, you will get the hang of it! Once it is in between, use your flat, not sharp tool to further push it into place. Once you have the corner in, go about 5 inches up each side.
  8. The next corner you should do is the OPPOSITE side of the first one you did. So, go around to the opposite corner and repeat step 6. Once this is complete, you can choose whichever other corner you would like to do next.
  9. The rest is easy! Now that you have all of the corners in place, continue pushing the gasket in place on each side.
  10. Once your gasket is in place, all you need to do is put the door in place. Put the door back on the refrigerator and put the hinges in place.

Don’t forget to plug in your appliance to get it going again. If you are looking to purchase a gasket,  take a look at our website: 1st Source Servall

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Written by: Madison Jezioro

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