Kitchen Trends of 2016


With the new year comes new trends – even for your kitchen! 2016 is bringing in multiple styles for your kitchen. From traditional to personalized, you can create a kitchen that is right for you. Make sure to check out the suggested appliances for your style kitchen. The new year is all about customization so don’t be afraid to mix & match your appliances to design a look personal to you!

Major Kitchen Trends of 2016:

Transitional Style: This style blends a functional kitchen space with a sit down dining area, a comfortable living room or an outdoor space.   A nice addition to your kitchen would be the Samsung NE595R0A – Smooth Surface Freestanding 5 -Element, Self-Cleaning, Convection Electric range. This oven goes well with a traditional style kitchen because this open layout allows easy flow from one room the the next, making it easy to check on your home cooked meal – perfect for family gatherings and parties.

Transitional Kitchen Style Main Photo in Header

Hardwood Floor: Hardwood is extremely durable and very easy to clean. It is long lasting next to any other flooring option 2257604_sfor your kitchen. Expensive yes, but it pays off in the end when there is a high demand on the market for hardwood floored kitchens. Homeowners are also adopting to the cooktop or wall oven combination as seen in this photo. The wall oven is growing in demand in the appliance market. Whirlpool WOD93EC0AS – Double Electric Oven is is in the running for first place for 2016 wall ovens.


White, Grey, & Neutral Kitchens: “White is the 33458336_snew grey.” Believe it or not, it’s true – and it looks amazing in any kitchen layout. White is generally the dominant color for a kitchen but we suggest to change it up with muted, soft color palettes instead! To accompany the neutrality of your kitchen is the General Electric PDT750SSFSS – Series Stainless Steels Interior Dishwasher with Hidden Controls. Many homeowners prefer stainless steel because it   provides a sense of warmth among the neutral and earthy tones and freedom to add bold colors elsewhere .


Farmhouse Style : Farmhouse? Ye745002_ss, farmhouse. You do not need to live in the country to experience the best of both worlds. After cooking baking in your General Electric CGS990SETSS – Free Standing Gas Range with Self – Clean Double Oven, you will need the extra space to clean up your kitchen. Apron sinks offer more space to clean and scrub those big pans after those delicious family dinners. They also add bold color to the kitchen with their exterior blends.


Classic Black&White: A timeless style for your kitchen. A sleek fresh looks for all your guests to experience. This style balances out the country and 20545168_smodern look for your kitchen. Kitchenaid is a manufacturer that’s getting on black as an up and coming color trend in the kitchen, as evidenced by their recent release of a brand new collection of black stainless steel kitchen appliances. Kitchenaid calls this new material “a softer, warmer alternative to traditional stainless” appealing to the matte look and feel. Check out the Kitcheaid KDTM704EBS – 44 dBA Dishwasher with Drynamic Wash Arms to see if it is the right look for your kitchen!



Clean Lines&Subtle Designs: A simple modern style design is perfect to keep your kitchen versatile for anyone. Horizontal 39234804_mlOrientation Cabinetry are a perfect addition to your kitchen with wider spaces and option for organization. The Kenmore 0467248300P –  Elite 29.9 French 4 Door Refrigerator will give your kitchen the extra storage space you need while keeping a simplistic look.

Functional Design: Smart spaces can be crafty and strategic when it comes to installing your clever storage options. Don’t neglect the space above or below your cabinets, between them, or in those tight corners!

  • Corner cabinets or lazy Susans
  • Freestanding pantries
  • Narrow pull out cabinets
  • Roll-out trash bins
  • Multi-tiered drawers
  • Built-in chopping blocks
  • Hidden docking station to plug in electronics or appliances
  • Toe-kick drawer under your lower cabinets
  • Warming Drawers

Warming drawers are rising in popularity. They can be stand alone or built-in to your ranges. Frigidaire Gallery Series DGGF3054KF offers the feature of a warming drawer.

Eye-Catching Backsplashes: Above your cooktop appliance have a contrast of stone, tiles, and stainless steel and beyond. Bringing the 80’s back with glossy surfaces offering an elegant and refined look for your kitchen. Re-positioning textures in different patters adds contrast to your layout. Eye-catching backslpashes allow you to match your kitchen with your personality and give you a design you actually like! The most popular cooktop that consumers are buying is the Whirlpool WCG75US0DS – 30inch Gas Cooktop. 

Personalized Kitchens: There is one type of kitchen that remains undefeated against the rest, why? Because you created it. Oftentimes we follow the path of the modern world and conform to what is universally accepted. 33355722_l Other times we take things in our own hands and use our creativity to make something amazing that we love. For all the coffee lovers out there, this General Electric – CFE28USHSS Cafe Series Refrigerator comes with a built in Keurig K- Cup Brewing System will really “Wow!” your guests. Take control of personalized colors, styles, functions, and appliances and show others what there missing!


Automation is moving to the for-front of everyone’s minds when it comes to efficiency. Start with a hands-free faucet or automatic lights for your kitchen. Adding a technical perspective to your kitchen with built-in charging stations, hands-free functionality, and tablet holders gives your kitchen a cutting edge look to go along with our digital world.

If you’re really looking to get technical, check out this LG Kitchen Suite, you won’t be disappointed: THE SIGNATURE KITCHEN SUITE HAS A SMART FRIDGE THAT COSTS ALMOST $10,000


If you are ready to start remodeling, find all of your kitchen appliance parts& tools here: 1st Source Servall Appliance Parts & Tools


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