How to Help Your Appliances Meet Their Life Expectancy


Every appliance has a certain life length that it supposed to have, but sometimes appliances do not live as long as their “life expectancy”.  This is because just like us appliances need to be properly maintained in order to serve a full healthy life. Here are the average “life expectancies” of a few  major appliances and some tips to help you make sure they are met!


Average Life: 14-17 years
Maintenance Tips:
1.) Make sure to keep containers of water or juice sealed up. Having open liquid containers can slowly lead to overloading your defrost system on your refrigerator. A normal refrigerator’s run time is around 16 hours having extra moisture in the refrigerator like an open liquid container can increase the run time per day to around 20 hours!
2.) Keep the area surrounding the refrigerator somewhat clear. A refrigerator needs to be able to circulate air. Having items between the space of the wall or surrounding cabinet blocks airflow and can cause the compressor to overheat and eventually burn out.
3.) Do not overload the shelves or drawers of the refrigerators. The refrigerator drawer that states “don’t exceed 25 pounds” says that for a reason. Overloading the refrigerator can lead to drawers and shelves breaking, as well as a break in the door seal which causes the overwork itself to maintain cool temperatures.

Average Life: 13-15 years
Maintenance Tips:
1.) Regularly clean your oven. This may seem like a common sense tip but a lot of people do not clean there ovens as often as they should. You should clean your oven at least two times a year and if you use your oven on a daily basis it is recommended to clean it three or four times a year.
2.) Make sure your oven or range is able to circulate air. If your oven is placed in an area where the airflow is extremely restricted it can result in your elements failing before they should and overall poor performance of your oven/range.
3.) Do not use a lot of water when cleaning around knobs. If water gets into the holes where the knob shaft is located it can cause problems with the entire spark ignition system.

Washing Machine
Average Life: 14 years
Maintenance Tips:
1.) Use the amount of detergent that is suggested. Many people when putting detergent into the washing machine will just eyeball it. Eyeballing it a lot of the time leads to an unnecessary amount of detergent in the washer. When too much detergent is used it can make it difficult for the washing machine to rinse it all out which can eventually lead to poor performance.
2.) Take your clothes out of the washer as soon as your cycle is finished. Leaving your clothing inside of your washer for an extended period of time can cause mildew and mold buildup inside of your washer. This mildew and mold can lead to your clothes smelling, your washing machine smelling, and the internal parts of your dryer wearing faster.
3.) Do not overload your washer. The washing machine owners manual will specify the amount a washer can hold, TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY! Overloading your washing machine can lead to an off balance washer as well as clogged or even burst hoses.

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Written By: Claire Begalke

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