Smart Appliances?


We have all become accustomed to the smart devices used every day, specifically cell phones. But, have you ever considered a smart appliance? Whirlpool has recently released a Smart Front Load washer with 6th Sense Live™ Technology as well as a “Smart Assistant” and “Smart Stats” which change the face of laundry.
As smart devices have been developing over the last 15 years, it was only a matter of time before someone decided to switch things up in the home appliance department and create an appliance you can control and keep an eye on from your smart phone.


A smart appliance has a range of definitions, as some appliances connect via smart phone applications and WiFi. For the most part it sounds like many people love these products. As technology advances in every aspect of life, why shouldn’t home appliances be included?

The good news is that there are more types of smart appliances than the washer and dryer duo from Whirlpool. General Electric Appliances has also come out with smart laundry appliances along with wall ovens, ranges, refrigerators and dishwashers. Each of these units has the capability of communicating with its user via smart phones. For example, did you forget to turn off your oven? Open the app and turn it off. Will you be a little bit late to getting your laundry load out? No worries! Your washer will delay the cycle to what works best for you. Some of GE’s appliances will even notify you if there is an issue with one of the machines to avoid a “less than perfect” result.


Time Saving. Many people like to say that new generations are the laziest generation, but many more people are saying millennials and Generation X are innovative and using the abundance of resources they have to get more done throughout the day. If someone can both do their laundry and do their grocery shopping at the same time, they save themselves an extra hour and a half per week.  Not only will you save time this way, but you will also save yourself the trouble of searching for the issue with your appliance, as it sounds like most appliances will tell you if there is an issue and exactly what it is.

Ease. What is easier than being notified when your dishes are clean and turning on your oven on your way home from work? We are already blessed with the ability to talk face to face with someone who is across the world, so why wouldn’t we have appliances we can send and receive messages to and from?


Technology Updates. Appliances last MUCH longer than the typical smart phone because of the technology turnover each year. So, knowing that, is the investment in purchasing a smart device really an investment? With technology turning over so quickly, purchasing a smart appliance may be frustrating once your appliance can no longer keep up with your phone. Someone who may be able to afford to purchase new appliances yearly, or even bi-yearly would be able to appreciate the newest technology almost instantly. But, someone who could not afford or would not care to purchase new appliances every year (most people…right?) would not be up-to-date with the newest, coolest smart appliance.

All things considered, smart appliances seem extremely innovative, exciting and simply awesome. It may be tough to keep your appliances “up to date”, but one may believe they will be learning cool, innovative features with every use, keeping the technology fresh and exciting each time!

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Written by: Madison Jezioro

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