Stainless Steel Lacking Luster? | Scratch-B-Gone


Have your stainless steel appliances lost their gleam & glow? You have done all the cleaning you can do and it still doesn’t seem possible to restore their original shine. We have some news for you, folks – cleaning might not be the solution.  Scratch-B-Gone a well known, widely used product among our stainless steel appliances is the answer, and here’s why!

Scratch-B-Gone can be used on all stainless steel appliances including steel sinks, refrigerators, stoves, ovens, hoods, dishwashers, and other stainless steel surfaces. This product is an easy-to-use kit that makes you appliances look like new again.

Scratch-B-Gone works to get rid of scratches, rust, erosion, and stains from your stainless steel appliance. It is important to take note that your appliance must be “real stainless steel.” This means that the appliances can not have a protective clear coat finish nor be synthetic or imitation. Please check with you retailer or manufacturer before you get started!


  • Remove scuffs, fine scratches, light and deep scratches
  • Remove chemical discoloration cause by cleaning products, bleach, and acids on your appliances
  • Remove rust and heat scorching (black, blue, gold color) from your barbecue hoods and accessories
  • Maintain the appearance of your stainless steels sinks, appliance or grill and keep them looking like new
  • Easy to use – anyone can do it!
  • Fast – most repairs can be done in a few short minutes

Use On:

  • Stainless steels barbecues and accessories
  • Stainless steel kitchen appliances – refrigerators, microwaves, dishwashers, grills & stoves
  • Stainless steel sinks
  • DO NOT use on polished, chrome, clear coats, or synthetic stainless steel surfaces


  1. Determine grain direction
  2. Choose the correct abrasive and apply a conditioning formula such as Ultra Shine™ to a pad to speed the oxidation of your newly restored metal
  3. Apply abrasive surface and wipe off

    Make sure to check out our blog site for other stainless steel and appliance maintenance tips!



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