Product Pick of the Week: Range Safety Valve


This week’s Product Pick of the Week is the safety valve in your oven. The reason this product has been picked is because it is very important to understand how your range works to avoid hazardous situations such as open gas valves but no flame to burn said gas. This situation is the biggest concern with ovens, so it is crucial that you know how to test the safety valve so that you can continue using your range!


How it Works

The thermocouple is responsible for detecting the flame/pilot light which burns the gas to send heat to the bake and broil elements in your oven.  When the thermocouple does not detect a flame, it signals the safety valve to shut, which stops the flow of gas to the appliance. safety valve.jpg

How To Test It

First you will need to let the oven cool completely. Then, remove any covers which shield the burners and igniters. If the igniter is not glowing you might need to test and replace the safety valve.

To test the safety valve to assure it is functioning correctly, you will need a multi meter. A multi meter tests the continuity of the electrical path within the valve, so if there is not a continuous path of electricity the valve is not working correctly. It is important to remember that safety valves come in many different shapes and sizes, but a multimeter can test any of them. There are a few different types of multi meters, but every single one needs to be reset to 0 before beginning.

Once you have reset the meter, turn off the power supply to your oven. Next, disconnect the wires from the safety valve. Sometimes there are separate terminals for the bake and broil elements, so make sure you test both!

Each terminal has two terminals which look similar to wall plugs. To test the terminals, use the two probes on the meter to touch the two terminals. If the multimeter reading shows a result between 0-50 resistance, your safety valve is functioning correctly!  But, if the meter does not change, you will need to replace your safety valve which you can find here.

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Written by: Madison Jezioro

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