How to Ready Your Appliances for Springtime Energy Efficiency


The birds are chirping, the grass is getting greener, the flowers are in bloom, and you can smell it in the air – Yes, it is something we call spring and it is in full effect. Some cringe at the though of starting their spring cleaning, but if it means becoming more energy efficient, how bad could it really be?

Some tips are obvious, “no-brainers,” but tend to be easily forgotten! Keep reading to get a head start on your spring savings:

Ignore Commonly  Used Appliances: 

We know – if they are commonly used, why would you stop using them? The truth is you really don’t need them! Appliances are efficient when it comes to getting things done quickly, but they are not necessarily energy efficient. If you are looking to save a chunk of money this spring, unplug your clothing dryer! You would be surprised how much money it will save you. If there is an area inside or outside of your home, hang a clothesline and buy yourself some clothespins. Yes, it might take a bit longer for your clothing to dry, but along with saving energy your treating your clothing a little better as well. Let the warmth of spring take care of your clothes for free. 

Practice Conditional Air Conditioning 

Turn your thermostat down as much as possible, or even off, if your surroundings are at a comfortable temperature. There is no need to be wasting money on heat when your electric bill will not be at ease when the hot weather hits. Thankfully, there are ways to get the most use out of your appliance with little effort. For window mounted devices, be sure to seal the area around the window. Any open areas can adsorb cold air or let warm air in and cause your cool element to be used more than it should.

You can also place your cooling element in a specific area of your home and section it off to avoid trying to cool your entire home (may be the front, back, upstairs, or downstairs section of your home).

Additionally, you will want to service your air conditioner by cleaning air filters which can lower your cooling systems consumption by up to 15% .

Unplug Your Appliances:

If you do not use certain appliances every day or just once in a while, do not hesitate to unplug them! A common misconception is that our electronic equipment will last longer if they are never turned off. If appliances are only “switched off” they still consume about 75% of electricity. Crazy right? Whenever you are not using your appliances, unplug them completely! You will then realize how little you actually use them.

To make it easy for yourself, use an electronic power strip for your electronic equipment. You can easily turn it off or simply unplug one cord instead of unplugging multiple cords!

Turn Your Water Heater Down

Turning your water heater down to 120 degrees Fahrenheit is a smart choice in the transition of spring to summer to save money on your electric bill. An occasional hot shower in the summer is nice, but pretty uncommon! Often times we take quick five minute showers with cold water just to cool down. So why not save money and turn down your water heaters?

Other Energy Saving Tips

If you have a sliding glass door make sure to keep it’s track clean. A dirty track can hold particles that jam in the door when closed and created small draft ways that let cool air out or hot air in.

Take off your storm windows and put your screens in. Turn off your overhead lights and lamps. All natural is always the way to go in the spring and summertime. Natural air and lighting is refreshing and free. You can’t get a better deal than this people!

Try to leave your windows open at night. It may make your room a little chilly, but it cools your home down overall. By leaving your windows open you are letting cool air in and hot air out – thus, you will not have to use your air conditioners or fans right away!

Cook outside. Simply keep the heat out by using your grill!

Wash only full loads of laundry and dishes. Don’t waste money where you don’t have to!

Solar Panels

Consider purchasing solar panels for your home. This can be expensive, however, the money you save by cutting down on using electric appliances will be more than worth it!


We hope this blog was helpful! If you are in need of air conditioner filters are parts, you can find them on our website: Air Conditioner Parts  and Room Air Conditioner Parts




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