Kitchen Cleaning Plan: A Clean Kitchen Makes Happy Appliances


We all know how life gets busy. One moment we are planning on cleaning our kitchen and the next you find yourself answering work emails. It can be very difficult to be thorough in your cleaning when you are in a rush, so we have broken down different (important!) chores in your kitchen to maintain working appliances and a healthy kitchen.



The amount of times you clean your oven depends on the amount of times you use your oven. It is advised you clean it thoroughly between every two to twelve weeks,depending on usage. If you often bake or broil, it may be healthier to try to clean your oven more often than not, but if you use your microwave more often, you can wait a bit longer. The most suggested way to clean an oven is by using the self clean cycle (where the unit heats up to almost its highest temperature and burns out any excess foods) and then doing a simple wipe down once the oven has cooled.


frozen-yogurt-1481726-640x480Cleaning your refrigerator seems like a no-brainer. Often times people only clean out the inside of their refrigerator, which is good to do as often as possible, but do not forget about the drip pan and the refrigerator coils! The drip pan is typically located on the bottom front of your refrigerator behind the grill. They can get moldy and slimy if not maintained, so be prepared for that. The refrigerator coils are usually on the back of the refrigerator and can be cleaned with an attachment from your vacuum cleaner. They collect dust and dirt from daily activities and it is important to give them a good wipe down every once in a while. Cleaning off these coils is important for the freezer as well because too much dust build up results in ice building up and eating your food before you can!


The inside of your microwave needs to be kept clean. This is something that should be done often, especially if you find that the food you are microwaving is prone to splattering. You should also get into the habit of cleaning the grease filter. Typically cleaning this about once a month is the best, but look at the manufacturer’s recommendations. If your microwave is over-the-range, you should try to replace the charcoal filter every six months.


kitchen-sink-1-1417601-1280x960.jpgDepending on the material your sink is made of, you will want to use different cleaning materials for the basin. But, be sure to take good care of the garbage disposal and the drain, as this is what really could make the sink a bit smelly. To clean the garbage disposal, many people make ice cubes out of 8 parts water, 1 part vinegar and a small piece of lemon rind and then grind up the ice in the disposal. Not only does this clean and refresh the disposal, but it also sharpens the blades and dislodges any pieces of food that could be stuck. This will do your disposal good every other week or so. In regards to the drain, many people use a combination of boiling water, baking soda and vinegar to get the job done. It is an eco-friendly, powerful way to clean out your drain. You should try to do this every few weeks as well.


Your dishwasher may seem like a self-cleaning appliance, but sometimes it needs a little bit of elbow grease.  Try to do a deep cleaning of the walls, filter, racks, spray arms and detergent dispensers each month. If you do not properly rinse off your dishes before putting them in the dishwasher it is a lot easier for the excess food to get stuck in the ridges and corners of the machine that won’t be cleaned on its own. Cleaning your dishwasher by hand every month will prevent smelly water and dishes.


dirty-floor-1621333-638x425.jpgMost appliances suck in a lot of surrounding air to function, so keeping your floors swept and mopped will help keep your appliances running well. Try to sweep daily and mop weekly to avoid clogs maintain a clean floor. Definitely do not let your floor get this dusty! It will seriously affect how your appliances run. When the kitchen floor is clean, you’ll feel clean.

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Written by: Madison Jezioro

One thought on “Kitchen Cleaning Plan: A Clean Kitchen Makes Happy Appliances

  1. Shirley Pratt

    Great way of kitchen cleaning. We use to clean everything every week ends sometimes once a month if week end gone busy for family day. Thanks for sharing your kitchen tips.

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