Product Pick of the Week: Agitator Dogs


No, we’re not talking about the cute and furry kind of dogs.  Agitator Dogs, also called Agitator Cogs, Dog Ears, or Ratchet Cogs are a small but important part of the Agitator in most top loading washers.  Without them, your washer cannot properly move your clothes during the agitation cycle to get them clean.  Which is why we’ve made
Agitator Dogs our Product Pick of the Week.

In today’s blog, we’ll be briefly going over how your Agitator works and what the Agitator Dogs do.  We’ll also give you a few tips to identifying if it’s time to replace the Agitator Dogs in your top-loading washer.

What are Agitator Dogs and what do they do?

Agitator Dogs are directional cogs, controlling which direction the upper portion of a dual action Agitator rotates.  Unlike the lower portion of the Agitator which moves back and forth in both directions, the upper portion is only supposed to rotate in a single direction.


As the agitator moves in different directions, it pulls and pushes the water in the tub causing the clothes to move.  This helps to effectively distribute detergent, remove dirt, and make sure that the clothes don’t stay together in a clump at the bottom of the washer.

The top portion of the agitator is intended to guide the clothes floating towards the top of the wash tub down to the washer fins by rotating clockwise.    This action is controlled by the Agitator Dogs digging into the gear teeth when moving one direction and “ratcheting” across when turning in the opposite direction, causing agitation.

How do I know if I need to replace the Agitator Dogs in my washer?

Because Agitator Dogs are made of hard plastic, they will experience some wear from use and may eventually need to be replaced.  A few common signs that it may be time to replace the Agitator Dogs in your washer are:

  1. The washer is agitating, but weakly
  2. You can easily rotate the top portion of the agitator both directions without moving the bottom portion
  3. The agitator is not pulling the clothes at the top of the washer down

If you’re washer is experiencing any of these symptoms and you’re looking for a replacement, you can find the specific manufacturer replacement for your model on our website.  We carry Agitator Dog Sets, as well as Agitator Repair Kits and Cam Repair Kits that also include the Agitator Dogs for most washing machines.

We hope you enjoyed this post.  Please like and share this post with a friend and feel free to leave us any questions, tips, or suggestions for future Product Picks in the comments section!   Looking for more Product Picks? You can find all of our past picks here: Product Picks of the Week.

Written by: Sarah Walker


One thought on “Product Pick of the Week: Agitator Dogs

  1. Curious George

    My dog ears started slipping. So I turned them around to get better traction with the agitator. Seems to work like a charm. Is this a potential problem?

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