Product Pick of the Week: OEM Replacement Parts


This week’s Product Pick is a little bit different than some of our past picks.  Instead of just talking about one specific product or type of part, we’ll be talking about OEM Parts.  If you’ve ever visited our website you probably already know that at 1st Source Servall we specialize in the use of genuine OEM appliance replacement parts.  

What makes a part OEM?

46692947_sLet’s start at the beginning, OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer.  When it comes to appliance replacement parts, this means that the replacements are produced by the very same manufacturer that produced the parts that your appliance was originally assembled with.

For example, if your Whirlpool Dishwasher originally came installed with a Whirlpool Spray Arm, the OEM replacement would be that same Whirlpool spray arm.

When you buy an OEM replacement, you’re getting the part that your specific make and model of appliance was originally designed to use.  It just makes sense.  The parts are all model specific which takes out the guess-work and worry because it’s guaranteed to fit.

What makes an “aftermarket” part different?

Aftermarket parts are produced by brands or manufacturers other than the original, designed to be close substitutes for OEM parts.

You may have seen other sites carrying aftermarket parts pushing deep, deep discounts or super cheap replacements.  But there is a reason that many of these replacements are priced so much lower, sort of a “you get what you pay for” situation.

The problem with aftermarket parts is that there is no guarantee of compatibility or quality.   The part may look similar to the original on the surface, but it’s not the exact part that your appliance was designed to use and is sometimes more cheaply made.  The aftermarket manufacturer also won’t have the same understanding of the inner workings of the appliance that the original manufacturer does.

This can lead to complications with your appliance, reduced efficiency, and even safety issues.  Which is why using aftermarket parts can potentially void the warranty on the appliance.  That initial “savings” could end up costing you more in the long run.

Why we carry OEM parts

whirlpool_authorizedNow that you know the difference, it should be clear why we are dedicated to supplying our customers with high quality exact OEM replacements whenever possible.  As an authorized parts dealer and distributor for many major brands including Whirlpool, GE Appliances, and most recently Samsung, 1st Source Servall has the largest selection of OEM parts in the US with over 5,000,000 parts available.

We want to make sure that you’re getting the replacement your appliance was designed to use at a competitive price, so you can be sure that after the repair your appliance will work just as well as it did when you bought it.

Looking for more info on OEM parts?  Visit

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Written by: Sarah Walker

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