Product Pick of the Week: Gifts For Dad


Father’s Day is almost here, do you have something picked out for Dad yet?  In this week’s Product Pick we thought we’d help you out with a few ideas perfect for Dad.  And these don’t just have to be for Father’s day, these could also make great Birthday, Christmas, or anytime gifts! 

All of the items we will be sharing with you are available on our website.  Need it right away?   Many of these items are also available at our different store locations.  You can find a list of our different brand locations and store hours here: Store Locations | 1st Source Servall.

Be sure to ask if they have any additional recommendations!  Each store carries a slightly different variety of products and we’re constantly adding new items so they may have something in stock that you might not see on our website yet.

 Solar Powered Weather Radio – item #810106

NOAA Portable Radio

This portable mulit-purpose NOAA radio automatically activates when dangerous weather alerts are issued and features a color changing display (blue – normal display, red- emergency alerts).  It comes equipped with a USB input/output port for charging mobile devices and an LED flashlight.  The rechargeable Lithium battery is included and this radio is both crank powered and solar powered.

You can find it on our website here: NOAA Solar Powered Radio

Grill Daddy Grill Brush with Scraper Blade – item #GD12953WB

GD12953WB2- Grill Daddy Pro Grill Brush

GD12953WB2- Grill Daddy Pro Grill Brush

If you’ve been reading our blog for a while, you already know exactly what this is (remember our Grill Cleaning Tips?) The Grill Daddy Pro Grill Brush uses the power of steam to clean your grill without all the effort.  Simply preheat your grill, fill the brush with water, and watch it work as the brush easily removes any stuck on grime or food.

Find it on our website here: Grill Daddy Pro Grill Brush 

Camping Lantern – item #702102


This Camping Lantern is available in a variety of colors and makes for the perfect gift.  Measuring in at around 6″ tall, this Lantern features 12 ultra-bright LED lights with a dimmer dial and a compass built right into the top.  The folding arms make it convenient to carry with you or hang. Requires 3 AA batteries.

Find it on our website here: Camping Lantern 

Xtend+Climb Step Stool – item #FT-1


The XTtend+Climb is a light-weight aluminum step stool, providing 12 inches of added height.  It’s light enough to carry or hand up weighing only 2.4 lbs, and strong enough to support you with a max weight limit of 330 lbs.  This one-step stool features non-skid rubber feet and is perfect to have for the home, the garage, or work.

Find it on our website here: Mini Aluminum Step Stool

Digital Multimeter – item #DM10T


This Digital Multimeter is great for all around use, equipped to measure amps, volts, and temperature with the included temperature probe.  With a max AC Voltage of 750, DC Voltage of 1000, AC Amperage of 10, and temperature range of  -4°F to 2498°F (-20°C to 1370°C), this meter is designed with the DIYer or handyperson in mind.

Find it on our website here: Economy Digital Multimeter

*Looking for more information on how to use a multimeter? This blog might help: Does this part work? | Using a Multimeter to Test for Continuity


Already have a gift and just looking for something extra? Why not get dad any one of these:


Back Scratcher – item #702169

This extendable back scratcher is available in a variety of colors and makes a perfect gift.

Find it here: Back Scratcher



LED Flashlight – item #302502

This light-weight & durable flashlight is available in a variety of colors, with white LED light & wrist strap.

Find it here: LED Flashlight



Magnetic Nut Driver – item #S8M

Made by Klein Tools, this 1/4″ Magnetic Nut Driver is perfect for those hard to reach spots

Find it here: 1/4″ Magnetic Nut Driver


Looking for something else?  We also carry tool bags & belts, hand tools and sets, power tools, and fun items like Poo-Pourri.

Or maybe you’d just like to do something nice for dad, like to fix that broken knob on the stove or chipped handle.  You can find parts like these and more all on our website.

We hope that everyone has a great Father’s Day and that maybe we’ve helped give you an idea for the perfect gift for dad.  If you liked this post or know someone else who might need a little gift inspiration feel free to like and share!

Written by: Sarah Walker



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