3 Ways Your Range Can Become a Toaster


The biggest question that we never ask ourselves is, “Am I getting the most use out of my appliance?” We never question the basic functions of our appliances because, well, they are basic and why would we want to change that? However, you would be surprised how many more ways you can use your appliances outside of your daily cooking and cleaning routines.

A case in point of the unknown functions of our appliances are the many uses your gas or electric range has to offer. Below we have provided you with three different methods on how to toast your bread using an electric or gas range/oven. 

1. Swift Broiler Toasting

If you have a gas range in your home, you can toast bread or other foods in your broiler drawer, or in the standard baking section of your oven. The broiler drawer is located at the bottom of the range, which allows you to toast or broil your food, generally used for quick-toasting. If you have a gas range with control knobs, the broil setting can be set by turning the bake oven knob clockwise to reach the broil setting (typically turn the knob 360 degrees clockwise). If you have an electric control panel, you can simply select the broil setting on the touchpad. It is important to keep an eye on your food so it does not burn, as this is a very speedy method for toasting. Be sure to use cookware that can withstand high temperatures.

There is also a broil element at the ceiling of your range. The broil temperature may be set between 400°F – 450°F. You can arrange the interior oven rack to the desired position, depending on what you foods you want to broil. On your control panel, press the buttons “Upper Oven” and then “Broil,” and select your desired temperature before pressing the start button. The average weight time can be between 2-5 minutes.

2. Slow-Toast Bake in the Oven

If your mornings are generally pretty busy and you do not have time to watch your toaster, or broiler for that matter, you can toast your bread in the oven. Heat the oven to 350 °F and place your sheet pan with bread on the middle rack of your oven. The average toast time with this method is about 10-15 minutes, depending on whether you want to flip each side for that extra crisp.

3. Crisp to Perfection on a Stovetop

If you like your toast to come to a crisp while being saturated in butter, then stovetop is probably the method for you. We recommend you use a nonstick frying pan for this method. However, if you do not have a nonstick frying pan but you have a tub of butter, then you will have no trouble at all. Of course, there are many non-dairy options as well such as olive oil, grape seed oil, and so on. First, place your frying pan on a stovetop burner with a teaspoon of spread in your pan to ensure the bread will not burn. Then, coat eat side of your toast with whatever spread you choose. Turn the surface burner knob to medium heat and toast for about 1-2 minutes on each side to reach your desired crisp.

Evidently you can toast just about anything using this three methods. We hope you enjoyed our quick tips&hacks on the various ways to get the most use out of your gas or electric range.

If you find that any of the elements on your range are not working like they used to, be sure to check out our DIY Maintenance Blogs and visit our website to find the corresponding manufacturer approved replacement parts with us at 1st Source Servall



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