DIY: Troubleshooting a Loud Refrigerator

29868210 - repairman makes refrigerator appliance troubleshooting and maintenance works

Do you hear that? Your refrigerator is running.  If your unit is making a ton of noise it probably means that it is overworking – which can not only be a pain to listen to but also affect the lining in your wallet. In this DIY article were going to be exploring some problem areas you can focus on if your refrigerator is being abnormally loud.

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Product Pick of the Week: Dryer Heating Elements

Noisy washing machine and dryer

We all know that dryers, much like their name may suggest, are designed to dry clothes.  But what you  may not know is how that happens.  In electric dryers, a key player in this process is the Heating Element, which is why we have made them this week’s pick.  Today we’ll be sharing with you how the Heating Element in your dryer works and a few signs that it may need to be replaced.

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How to Conserve Energy and Money With Only a Few Changes to Your Appliances



These days it seems like all home appliances cost too much to run. We are here to help out and you can take this information to hopefully save money. Continue reading

Appliance Recall: Frigidaire & Kenmore (Electrolux) Wall Ovens Recalled due to Fire Hazard


We try to ensure that our readers and customers are safe by keeping up on appliance and appliance related recalls so we can share them with you.  On July 26, 2016 Electrolux issued a recall for select Frigidaire and Kenmore Electric Wall Oven models, specifically  24″ Electric Single and Double wall ovens. Continue reading

GE’s FirstBuild crowdsourcing is innovating the appliance field

43170428 - sketch of piping design mixed with industrial equipment photo

FirstBuild is a micro factory that GE has established in Louisville, KY and is a place where innovators can come together and try to create new products. It challenges the community to design and make strides in the way we think of household appliances. Continue reading

Design Trend: Built-In & Integrated Appliances


These days when it comes time to select appliances for your home the options available can be a little overwhelming.  But one trend that has been growing in popularity over the past few years is the incorporation of  Built-In and Integrated appliances.  They have become a key element when it comes to designing a “truly high-end” kitchen.

Integrated and Built-In appliances are similar in that they have been designed to create a more cohesive look in the kitchen, where your appliances seem purposefully placed and to “fit” rather than the traditional free-standing models. They’re also very often confused for one another.  In today’s blog, we hope to make those differences a little clearer. Continue reading

You could be owed money in Washer Settlement

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Attorneys at Law, Lieff Cabraser has announced that a federal court has approved a class action lawsuit involving Whirlpool, Kenmore, and Maytag brand appliances for their front loading washing machines. Continue reading