You could be owed money in Washer Settlement


Attorneys at Law, Lieff Cabraser has announced that a federal court has approved a class action lawsuit involving Whirlpool, Kenmore, and Maytag brand appliances for their front loading washing machines. The claim is that the front load washing machines wouldn’t clean the residue off the clothing and resulted in mold presence in those machines. The attorney represents consumers in California, Florida, Illinois, Mass, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, and other states relating to the issue at hand. These machines were manufactured between 2001-2010 and have long since been off the market.

The claim indicates that defects with the washers caused them to grow mold and was unable to get rid of it, resulting in dirty clothing and foul smells. The claim goes on to say that customers that have spent money on trying to repair the problem didn’t necessarily solve anything concerning defects with the machines. A list of affected machines is listed here

There are several deadlines that you will have to meet if you have an affected machine should you seek action. This is all the general information relating to the lawsuit. Among them is submitting a claim form by October 11th if you wish to join, August 9th if you wish to exclude yourself or object to any claim within the lawsuit, and attending the hearing -that will be on September 7th, all of which will be taking place in 2016.

Compensation includes 5-20% rebate on the purchase of your next washer, or up to $50 with documents proving that you purchased a machine.

It is important to note defendants in the case have denied any wrongdoing. In 2014, it took a jury only two hours to reject a lawsuit against Whirlpool in a similar case.

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